Multi-focus not working out

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by mick, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. mick

    mick Guest

    Ready to throw in the towell. Maybe someone here can offer a pathway
    through this that I haven't seen, as of yet.

    I got my 1st set of B&L SofLens Multi-vision lenses 6 wks. ago. Had
    good near and far (not perfect, but good) vision for an hour after
    which it deterioriated over the next few hours to mediocre (not
    terrible, but can't read license plates, difficult to see computer &
    book text). There was no improvement after 2 wks., so had a 2nd set
    provided. Same reaction, i.e., good vision for the first hour and
    deterioration to mediocre after that. After 2 wks. I had a 3rd.
    correction provided and had the exact same experience; after the first
    hour the vision fell to mediocre. Interestingly, every morning starts
    with better than mediocre vision and then deterioriates over the next 6
    hours to just passable, i.e., moderately blurry with medium or greater
    lens awareness at the end of this 6 hour period.

    All through this process I had light to the occassional extreme burning
    in my eyes, which, after 6 irritating weeks my doc finally changed my
    solution from an "all-in-one" to Ciba's Clear Care. The stinging is
    down to 10% of what it had been. I now have from zero to medium lens
    awareness. Changing the solution has increased the comfort, but , after
    5 days, has not affected the quality of the vision. Note: I had worn
    hard contacts for 40 years, so I'm not new at this.

    My doc says my expectations may be too high; I say that I probably
    shouldn't be driving - and I'm serious. Reading license plates is out
    of the question and reading freeway exit signs is hard until they're
    right up there.

    I'm losing confidence in my doc for the reasons referred to above
    (incorrect solution for 6 wks.; expectations suggestion; no vision
    improvement -at all - after 3 sets; doesn't seem to have a coherent
    plan; and so on,

    I need to take action and would like to hear some serious suggestions
    on what to do next. Thanks for reading this very long note.

    mick, Feb 26, 2006
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  2. mick

    Charles Guest

    Everyone is different, I can't offer you a "pathway" but I am using the
    B&L SofLens Multifocals succesfully for two years. It took some trial
    and error to get the right prescription. Several sets of trial lenses.
    And you certainly should not have any stinging at all. Never had any

    If you don't have confidence in your doc switch to another one.
    Charles, Feb 26, 2006
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  3. mick

    Quick Guest

    If you have doubts about your doc then switch. Some are
    better than others some you just get along with better than

    I initially went to a doc considering contacts.
    He tried accuvue multifocals. I didn't like them
    and we kept trying a different script. Vision was
    lousy and it seems my brain doesn't do well with
    multifocals. I kept suggesting RGPs but he always
    responded with "you don't want those". He finally
    said, more or less, that we were done and that
    90% of contact wearers would be happy with my
    vision. I very much got the impression that it was
    the $300 in-and-out treatment and I'd used up
    the allotted time.

    Different doc tried a couple of different soft contact
    solutions just for a baseline knowing that I was interested
    in RGPs. Then we moved on to the RGPs and more
    than a dozen visits and half that many trials later I'm
    really thrilled with the translating trifocals I have. What
    a difference! The doc really worked with me, listened
    to what I had to say, got to know my preferences,
    expectations, and worked through fitting solutions
    and products he had never tried before.

    You may not be in the first situation but you just
    might not communicate well with your current doc
    or he might not communicate well with you.

    For me the very best I achieved with soft multi-focal
    CLs was not acceptable for me. You didn't really say
    if the first hour of vision you get would be acceptable
    for you?

    Quick, Feb 26, 2006
  4. mick

    acemanvx Guest

    give monovision a try. My mom didnt like multifocals either but she
    does fine with monovision. If you dont like monovision, then youll need
    to take reading glasses with you everywhere you go or just give up
    contacts and get bifocal glasses and enjoy!
    acemanvx, Feb 27, 2006
  5. mick

    Quick Guest

    Why have you excluded translating bi/trifocal contacts?

    Quick, Feb 27, 2006
  6. mick

    drfrank21 Guest

    These soft multifocals lenses are a mixed lot; some patients I have in
    them do wonderful and are extremely happy while others do not
    do so well.

    In your case, you've worn rigid cl's for 40 years so it doesn't
    surprise me you are not in the "happy camper" group. I'd
    put you in a rigid bifocal lens- you'd be much happier.

    drfrank21, Feb 27, 2006
  7. mick

    MS Guest

    I suspect it isn't just your first set of multi-focals, but your first set
    of contact lenses. Correct? I don't think stinging could have anything to do
    with the lenses being multi-focal. It could perhaps have something to do
    with the lens material, or the solutions, or the base curve and diameter,

    Since the vision is good when you first put on the lenses each day, I
    suspect the blurriness has something to do with some substance created by
    your eye interacting with the lens, which clouds up the lens.

    Now I just noticed where you had worn hard contacts for 40 years. Soft
    contacts are normally much more comfortable than hard ones. Did you never
    have problems with the hard lenses?

    There are also rigid gas permeable ("hard") multifocal lenses. In fact, they
    are supposed to often give better vision than the soft ones. If you didn't
    have comfort problems with your hard lenses, you might want to look at this.
    One contributor to this news group, Dr. Larry Bickford, is an expert on
    multifocal hard lenses.

    If the problem is some kind of reaction your eyes have to the Soflens
    material, you could try a different soft lens material.

    If multifocal does not work out for you, another contact lens option for
    myopic presbyopics (if you want to avoid or minimize the use of reading
    glasses) is monovision. Of course, another choice is to have single-vision
    contacts fitted for distance vision in both eyes, and to use reading glasses
    for close work.

    It does sound like your current eye doc might not be the best. In any case,
    it never hurts to get a second opinion. If you don't feel confidence in your
    present eye doc, you very well might want to try another one, and see what
    he or she has to say. (Of course, there could be increased expenses
    associated with that.)
    MS, Mar 2, 2006
  8. mick

    MS Guest

    I'm not usually one to defend Aceman, Quick, but I don't think his post
    excluded anything. He probably is not familiar with translating bi- or
    tri-focal contacts. (Not many people are familiar with them.) He just
    recommended a solution that works for his mother, monovision. That doesn't
    exclude other options.
    MS, Mar 5, 2006
  9. mick

    Quick Guest

    Read his next 2 sentences...

    Quick, Mar 5, 2006
  10. mick

    Quick Guest

    oops, "read his next sentence". (I thought it was 2 but it
    turned out to be a single run-on sentence). He definitely
    excludes other options whether he knows about them or
    not. Reading that you might think he was speaking with
    some authority and there simply weren't any others.

    My reply wasn't a question to Ace. It was to point out
    to the OP that there were other options. I guess it
    wasn't the best way to do it.

    Quick, Mar 5, 2006
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