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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Martin, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Martin

    Martin Guest

    In preparation for getting fitted out with multifocal lenses, I did a lot of
    internet research (including searching the archives of this group) and came
    up with very little apart from a few messages here seriously questioning
    their value. I decided to go ahead and try them anyway and I am so pleased
    with the result that I thought I should report it here to balance up the
    discussion a little.

    I am nearly 50, long sighted (+5.5 right, +6 left) and have been using
    ordinary Focus Daily disposables for several years. With just the standard
    contacts, I could read moderately large print for a short time, but needed
    +1 reading glasses for any significant duration of close work. I have always
    found glasses really uncomfortable - that's why I switched to contacts in
    the forst place - so I was seriously interested in anything which could
    remove the need for reading glasses.

    My optician ran some checks and suggested Bausch&Lomb SofLens Mulitfocals -
    she got me an initial trial pair of +5.75 Low Add for both eyes. I was not
    overly optimistic and had read that there could be a moderately long
    adaptation period for multifocal contacts, but within minutes of putting
    them in, my sight was as good as I have ever known it with contacts OR
    prescription glasses. The tests show that I more than meet the legal
    requirements for driving, I have not noticed any halo or ghosting and I have
    forgotten where my reading glasses are!

    I had expected some discomfort - daily disposables are always described as
    the most comfortable and I did tend to start to get a bit sore after 12
    hours or so of wear. My original prescribing optician described my eyes as
    "dry-ish" and did wonder if I would be able to use lenses long-term. But the
    Bausch&Lombs are proving to be the most comfortable lenses I have ever
    worn - I really do forget that they are there and they are as comfortable
    after twelve hours as they were when I put them in. Cleaning them is a bit
    of a pain, but I put up with it for the convenience of throwing the reading
    glasses away!

    I'm sure that they would not suit everyone, but if you are interested, don't
    be put off by other people's criticisms - they are certainly worth a try. I
    can't speak for the other brands - unfortunately we long-sighted are far
    less well served for contacts as you shorties and the only others which my
    optician was prepared to recommend were not available in my prescription...

    Martin Bradford
    Martin, Aug 23, 2005
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  2. Martin

    amanda992004 Guest

    You are the first person that I know who uses multifocal contact
    I am glad it works for you.
    amanda992004, Aug 27, 2005
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  3. Martin

    Marc Guest

    I'll be the second. Wearing Ciba Focus Progressives for about 3 years now
    and they work great.

    Adaptation takes time and patience. For me, it was kinda like those
    pictures hidden in other repeated images. Magic Eye I think they are
    called. Ghosting may be there but my brain has tuned it out. It took about
    6 weeks before I could say they were working satisfactorily.

    My optometrist said I was lucky that I didn't wear spectacles before.
    People that do have a hard time adapting.

    I think my vision is steadily improving all the time, even after three

    Marc, Sep 2, 2005
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