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  1. MS

    MS Guest

    No new news on multifocal contacts? (See my earlier post inquiring about
    N&Ds.) Is LarryDoc still here?
    MS, May 7, 2007
  2. MS

    MS Guest

    I tried them last year. Didn't work so well for me. Stayed with N&D
    monovision. Am still interested in going the multifocal route, if I find
    some that work for me.
    MS, May 10, 2007
  3. MS

    LarryDoc Guest

    I stop by only occasionally and rarely reply. Too much BS here.

    Here's some new
    Purevision remains the only Si-H multifocal as of this writing and is
    now available in a modified material version. Actually, all Purevision
    lenses are being manufactured in the (somewhat) modified material, which
    may provide better comfort and wetting for some people. I anxiously
    await their arrival in my office.

    Coopervision's Biofinity Si-H lens is due out USA nationally next month.
    The multi version likely, too. Word on the street is the Biofinity lens
    is excellent.

    Coopervision's Biomedic EP is their aspheric multi in the Proclear
    material. Excellent comfort and vision, but limited to lower add powers
    (of course you could use extra plus in a modified monovision protocol).
    Wearing them as I write this. They have a modified mono separate
    near/distance version which works great for people who are natural
    strongly one-eye dominant or used to monovision, horribly for everyone else.

    Ciba's multi is said to be coming "very soon", but I don't trust
    anything I hear from that company.

    Synergyes is rolling out their hybrid mutlifocal next month.

    That's the soft multifocal update (with the hybrid stuck in there, too.)
    RGP news is no real new news, the latest entry being the Menifocal Z.
    RGPs almost always provide better visual acuity in multifocal designs
    than any soft to date. But the picture IS getting clearer!

    LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, May 10, 2007
  4. MS

    MS Guest

    Thanks for all the info, Larry.

    I'm glad more options are coming out.

    I used to wear RGPs, but have got to like the increased comfort (and EW) of
    soft si-hy lenses. I guess that's a trade-off.

    Have you been prescribing/wearing the Menifocal Z lenses? How do you find
    them? Are they really comfortable to wear at night? Do people really wear
    them for 30 days straight?

    When I tried the Purevision multifocals, high add, I found that the add was
    not nearly enough to give me decent reading vision (I'm now nearing 55), so
    I had to try them in a modified monovision format, and the minus power had
    to be lowered so far in my left eye to give me decent reading vision, that
    it was really just about as much monovision as doing straight
    (non-multifocal) monovision, with similar difference between the eyes.
    Besides, I found them slightly less comfortable than the N&Ds, so went back
    to monovision N&Ds. I don't like the big difference between the eyes though,
    so would be happy if a good multifocal solution could be found. ('I'm
    currently wearing, and have for the last couple years, -5.25 in the right
    eye, and -4.5 in the left eye. I think the right eye is a slight
    under-correction, but the left is a big under-correction, as the left eye is
    really much more nearsighted than the right. But I have to go that far to
    get decent reading vision, without reading glasses.

    Do multifocals usually only work (without monovision added) for people who
    only have a small amount of presbyopia? (I notice you write that you are
    wearing modified monovision yourself.) Or will some of the newer designs
    perhaps work for higher levels of presbyopia, without adding monovision to
    the mix?

    Is the hybrid lens supposed to give the comfort of soft lenses, with the
    acuity of RGPs? Will they be EW? (Currently wearing my N&Ds for a week at a
    time (occasionally two weeks), cleaning them and leaving them off overnight,
    disposing and changing them after a month.)

    Do you know the dK of Biofinity? Similar to N&D? Also approved for 30 day

    Thanks again for all the info! I appreciate it. (You seem to be the most
    knowledgeable doc on multifocals. I wish your practice was closer to my
    MS, May 12, 2007
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