my baby had gental impaired cornea in both

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by mnour6640, Apr 1, 2007.

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    my baby fares has 5 years old he born with total impaired gental
    cornea + glagouma + pda in his heart
    to be so clear & briefly we had more than 40 times operation 2
    funtamental to put new cornea +1 for his heart all of that from the
    first day but to know what happened it takes a lot more than 7 doctors
    to analysis & say what to do we can not do any surgey for eyes untill
    we made our heart surgey first and that what is all doctors said but
    they wail untill his wieght reach to ability to do it at last we made
    it when his age was 11 months
    every thing changed from this date briefly he became a normal baby and
    we start the second trip[
    all the doctors said that is very rarely condition to found the two
    eyes total invisible+glagouma
    notice that we made a lot lot of analysis for every thing from his
    mother untill genatric
    my quetion now is none of all that another thing is alive :
    he did not speak untill now but he hear very well
    and his vision now is not too good but not very bad
    how can improve his ability conductive learning ?
    i like to speak with someone who had seen this case before? will i?
    mnour6640, Apr 1, 2007
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