need help: new glasses, varilux, & online buying, maybe!

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by floatee, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. floatee

    floatee Guest

    i'm trying to figure out what kind of varilux lenses would be best for
    me, and a few other things as well. here's my prescription:
    -2.50 = -.75 x 145
    -4.00 = -1.00 x 180
    +2.25 add

    i'm thinking about going with polycarb panamic varilux lenses, as
    opposed to plastic. what do you think? i already wear variluxes,
    about two years old, but i can't remember the type of V it was (and I
    can't call the store for various girl-related reasons, ahem!). is
    there something better/lighter from varilux that i should consider?

    actually, i'm getting two pairs of glasses, one from a local place and,
    maybe, the other online. this online pair would be both Varilux and
    Transitions and hopefully the seg would come in about right, because
    the price is certainly right:
    lensecrafters: 485
    local place: 405 298 265

    i know you get what you pay for, but i'm thinking the refund policies
    at the online places will help lessen my fears. has anyone here used
    any online place for progressives?

    anyway, thanks for any help you can offer.
    floatee, Jun 2, 2006
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