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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Dan Roberts, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Dan Roberts

    Dan Roberts Guest

    Macular Degeneration Support has just completed an important new
    informational video for low vision patients.

    "Learning To Live With Low Vision: A Journey Through Rehabilitation," was
    professionally produced in cooperation with rehabilitation specialists,
    doctors, and patients. Our chief consultant on the project was Roy Cole,
    O.D., F.A.A.O. (Director of Vision Program Development, The Jewish Guild for
    the Blind, New York City).

    The fully-narrated 37-minute tape follows one patient's experiences as part
    of a typical low vision rehabilitation program. It describes the following
    six steps:

    1. Evaluation,
    2. Vision assessment,
    3. Adapting the living environment,
    4. Occupational therapy,
    5. Orientation and mobility training, and
    6. Introduction to low vision devices.

    It also includes examples of how people see with various vision impairments,
    how to locate services and rehabilitation centers, and how to obtain
    financial assistance.

    "Learning To Live With Low Vision" is the third video produced by MD Support
    for patients with permanent vision impairment. The cost is only $25.

    Our first two videos, "Macular Degeneration: The Inside Story" and "The
    T.A.S.K. of Living With Central Vision Loss," have been requested by more
    than 400 doctors, patients, libraries, and organizations around the world,
    and reviews have been very favorable. To see scenes from all three and to
    learn how to order, please visit:

    I also want to remind you of our free 2-page handout, which shows how to
    access our extensive resources, with or without a computer. You may download
    the flyer for distribution to your patients from:

    Macular Degeneration Support hosts an extensive web site and two large
    Internet discussion groups. More than 1500 resource links are on the site,
    plus up-to-date information about macular degeneration and related diseases,
    current research, and available treatments. For people who do not have
    computer access, we offer the same material in large-print hard copies.

    I hope our ongoing effort is continuing to assist you in helping your
    patients. Thank you for your time, and I welcome your questions or comments.

    Best regards,

    Dan Roberts, Director
    Macular Degeneration Support, Inc.
    Web site:
    Dan Roberts, Aug 30, 2003
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