Night Driving Glasses withOUT Rx?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by infiniteMPG, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. infiniteMPG

    infiniteMPG Guest

    At the tender age of 53 I started noticing struggling to focus when
    reading or working on my computer so off to the doc I went.
    Everything was fine but I was prescribed a set of glasses for just
    computer and reading. They help a lot but I have one other issue that
    these don't help with. Night driving.

    Not that I have a problem driving at night, my distance vision is
    great but I have found, especially with the new super bright
    headlights, my light sensitivity at night has changed. I have looked
    in to this and seen threads about using AR (anti-reflective) coatings
    on glasses but this appears to be to reduce the glare from people's
    "regular" glasses. I do not wear glasses for anything but close up
    reading and computer work. I have also read that ANY tinted or
    polarized glasses at night reduce sight as well as glare. The eye doc
    said that as we grow older we become more sensitive but didn't offer
    up any solutions.

    So my puzzlement is what can I do to reduce the impact of the newer
    super bright headlights without badly impacting my ability to see at
    night? Is there any type of glasses with some coating/tint/
    polarization/anything that will reduce the intensity of the super
    bright lights without making the world a darker place all the way

    All help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
    infiniteMPG, Dec 8, 2010
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  2. infiniteMPG

    Dan Abel Guest

    Don't drive at night. Works for me.
    Sorry. I have nothing constructive to advise, other than the above.
    Dan Abel, Dec 8, 2010
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  3. infiniteMPG

    infiniteMPG Guest

    Hey Mike,

    Great solutions and I'll give that a try. Sounds good and I have been
    trying to find some yellow tinted glasses but having a hard time.
    I'll check around some sporting goods shops and see if I can maybe
    check in the hunting supplies.
    This totally cracked me up, even if my eyes are screwed up I can still
    see enopugh to laugh my @ss off with that one. Thanks for the laugh
    and the advice :O)

    infiniteMPG, Dec 12, 2010

    The CW is to get the best refraction possible for low light and distance
    (infinity) vision, use high quality coated optics if there is an Rx, and keep
    the windshield and headlights clean and the headlights aimed properly.

    Robert Martellaro
    Roberts Optical Ltd.
    Wauwatosa Wi.
    "Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself."
    - Richard Feynman
    Robert Martellaro, Jan 11, 2011
  5. infiniteMPG

    dumbstruck Guest

    Did the OP find yellow helps at night? I would be surprised since
    these work as blue supressers, and the night vision rods of the eye
    mainly perceive a shade of turquoise. Rods signal to the brain a white/
    grey but it really is detecting degree of blueness and explains why
    you can hardly see a maroon car at night. So the bright sparkly night
    lights may be more crisp with shooters glasses, but then on the other
    hand you may be more likely to Tbone a ghostly maroon car whose moron
    driver has lights off.
    dumbstruck, Jan 18, 2011
  6. infiniteMPG

    dumbstruck Guest

    I think I mean blue blocking glasses would make more colors seem
    dimmer rather than just red ones. I keep thinking about how red cars
    turn grey under those yellow astronomy-friendly streetlights, although
    that's not exactly the same.
    dumbstruck, Jan 18, 2011
  7. infiniteMPG

    dumbstruck Guest

    That's amazing that rods get lazy if there are points of light -
    didn't evolution support cave men fighting each other with torches?
    Anyway, you do need rods in real life driving. Copper thieves blacken
    out long swaths of freeway lights which gov'ts are too broke to
    replace. Meanwhile you face other cars with headlights out due to
    thief's damage to the steering column, or just morons without a clue.
    Or maybe the rods bow out even from your instrument lights.

    Anyway, don't give that rods-see-white speech when I clearly said
    "Rods signal to the brain a white/ grey but it really is detecting
    degree of blueness and explains why you can hardly see a maroon car at
    night.". Yeah, the maroon business is really due to the rod reponse
    not extending that far, but it peaks at turquoise and slumps
    elsewhere. Maybe that is why an aqua sea is so appealing - the rods
    are firing in harmony with the cones?
    dumbstruck, Jan 18, 2011
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