No one can make my glasses!

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Frustrated in Texas, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Frustrated in Texas

    Frustrated in Texas

    Jul 8, 2018
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    I have nonbinocular vision. I’m told I’m one of the 5% of people who’s lazy eye moves in conjunction with the non-lazy eye. I have basically been wearing trifocals for 30 years, since presbyopia set in. Until recently I have had minimal problem getting my glasses made with a slab off on the left. In the past two years apparently, technology has advanced beyond my eyes. I have gone to three different places and all of them have made the slab off as a blended slab off as opposed to my traditional slab off. I’m really afraid to use a blended slab off because I’m afraid of falling because it’s so blurry in the middle of my field of vision. Someone even suggested that I have surgery on my slow eye in order to make it compatible with their glasses. Does anyone know anywhere in the Houston area that I can get glasses made with a traditional slab off?
    Frustrated in Texas, Jul 8, 2018
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