Non-stop sungazing more than 13 hours

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  1. Living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid nutrition the
    Ukrainian has the record - non-stop sungazing more than 13 hours

    49-years old Zaporozhye` townsman Nikolay Dolgorukiy refused food and
    eats the Sunlight by eyes since the 25th of August, 2003
    - The most delicious sunlight - at sunrise, - considers Nikolay
    Dolgorukiy, inhabitant of pyramid that he built on Sunny-street of

    The most delicious food is sunlight

    25 in august 2003 he refused human-habitual food, but then he doesn`t
    miss marvelous breakfast, consisting of sunlight and energy of space.
    He says, that such <dish> stimulates more than coffee, beloved in
    past: now Nikolay wants to fly, sing and laugh. And the most important
    thing is that he doesn`t feel any hunger!
    49-years old Nikolay`s dinner and supper don`t abound in <earthly>
    calories. The main dish in Dolgorukiy`s diet is cosmic energy, which
    he takes after green tea, vegetable broths or boiling water with honey
    or with seasoning for fish-soup. "Earlier I had drunk milk. I have
    already left milk from. Now I drink vegetable broths", - says
    By Dolgorukiy words, energy absorbing from environment happens
    incessantly, even when there is no sun in the sky.
    Nikolay is sure of that the Universe is endlessly generous, and
    environment can give all necessary for living organism like a
    tableful. The most important thing is to tune yourself and to catch
    vivifying cosmic energy like the antenna.

    Dolgorukiy confirms, that the results of the experiment surpasses in
    all his most courageous expectations. He believes that he came closely
    to a secret of longevity.
    - Huge quantity of energy gets free, but earlier an organism used it
    for digestion, - experimenter considers. - My organs calmed down now
    and spend minimum energy for my life-activity support, - says Nikolay,
    having his 10th cup of tea during the day.

    The man who is living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid
    nutrition has his personal record - non-stop sungazing during 13
    hours, thanks to this he had deep bronze sunburn in this summer.
    Then Nikolay asks the <beginners> not to absorb sunlight by big
    portions. He says that the eye`s retina could be damaged. The
    experimenter began his own sun-meditations from several seconds. "It
    is necessary to look at rising and coming down sun, i.e. when it is
    inactive, and to blink often. It`s desirable to do it under
    supervision of the ophthalmologist. I began to sungaze at my own risk,
    but I do not advise to people to risk so", - says Nikolay.

    Nikolay had guests in year 2005. They were Japanese film-
    documentalists, researching possibilities of human organism. They
    observed incessant with the video camera the life of ukrainian man
    several days long, including that he makes press-up with one arm for
    30 times and press weights. Then they asked Nikolay to pass complete
    medical examination in 5-th city hospital of Zaporozhye and in
    Independent Medical Center. Examination`s results satisfied the
    japans: the patient was found practically healthy. Except the scar in
    stomach area, that arised because of this organ decreasing, the
    doctors didn`t find any other deflections.

    Nikolay had new personal record in year 2006 : non-stop sungazing more
    than 13 hours - since the sunrise to the sunset. He is ready to
    demonstrate it to any scientists and physicians, who are interested in
    study the phenomenon of living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid

    More info (with photo & video)
    ôÁÔØÑÎÁ öÁÄÁÎ, Feb 18, 2007
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