OCUTECH® Receives 2ND Annual Sam Walters Memorial Award

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Michael, Jul 21, 2003.

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    OCUTECH® Receives 2ND Annual Sam Walters Memorial Award

    OCUTECH®, the developer and manufacturer of the hi-tech VES® bioptic,
    spectacle mounted telescope systems, designed for the visually
    impaired, received the "2nd Annual Sam Walters Memorial Award for
    Outstanding Creativity and Innovation in the Design, Manufacture and
    Delivery of Low Vision Technology."

    Established in 2002, the Sam Walters Memorial Award is named in memory
    of the founder of S. Walters Inc, supplier of low vision optical
    products. The Low Vision Council presented the award to Ocutech on
    June 21, 2003 during the American Optometric Association meeting, held
    in San Diego, California.

    Ocutech remains very active in the research and development of
    innovative devices to enhance the lives of the visually impaired.
    Combining optics, electronics and ingenuity, Ocutech has developed
    devices that make magnification easier and more natural to use. The
    Sam Walters Award specifically acknowledged Ocutech's breakthrough
    VES-Autofocus Telescope, the world's first and only self-focusing
    bioptic telescope for the visually impaired.

    To learn more about OCUTECH® products, visit www.ocutech.com, or call
    Michael, Jul 21, 2003
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