Old vs. New Renu

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by The Real Bev, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. The Real Bev

    The Real Bev Guest

    When I got my latest contact lenses, the guy gave me the new Renu
    multi-purpose solution with some magical new "moisture-loc" ingredient. The
    stuff is stickier, leaves a deposit behind when it dries, and felt gritty for
    maybe 15 minutes after inserting my lenses.

    I finally ran out of the stuff and started using the Costco/Kirkland Old-Renu
    analog. WAYYY better. No grit. No deposits. This probably means that the
    next time I need the stuff Costco will have "improved" their formula too :-(

    Still having problems with fitting -- the trial lenses are great, the 3-pack
    the doc ordered is not. First pair need to have eyelid-adjustments to
    maintain decent sharpness. Second pair never achieves decent sharpness. Third
    pair is still unopened. The doc made a change of some sort and the new pair
    is excellent. No idea what's going to happen now, but it's really depressing
    not being able to depend on the reproducibility of the lenses.

    Same problem as before with a different contact fitter and different brand of


    "My parents just came back from a planet where the dominant lifeform
    had no bilateral symmetry, and all I got was this stupid F-Shirt."
    The Real Bev, Feb 6, 2006
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