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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by sryan, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. sryan

    sryan Guest

    Hello there,

    At the beginning of the month, I posted a message asking you to
    participate in a web survey about trust and participation. If you have
    filled out the survey, thank you!

    If you have not had a chance to take the survey yet, I would
    appreciate your reading the message below and I hope that you will
    consider participating in my research.

    My name is Sherida Ryan and I am a Ph.D. student in Adult Education
    and Community Development at the University of Toronto. I am sending
    this post to invite you to participate in a survey that explores trust
    and participation in Usenet groups. This survey is part of my doctoral
    research, supervised by Professor Jack Quarter.

    Trust helps us to function in a complex world where we are often
    dependent on other people for information and support. However, online
    interaction can make the development of trust difficult. How do you
    decide to trust someone you have never met, whose identity you can't
    verify, in an environment that has few standards to guide behaviour?

    By understanding how people come to trust each other online and by
    exploring whether this affects their level of participation, I hope to
    develop guidelines that will improve interaction and increase the
    benefits that people get from being members of online groups.

    The survey that I am inviting you to participate in should not take
    more than 15 minutes to complete. I am looking for people who post as
    well as people who only read messages. Your participation is voluntary
    and can be terminated at any time. Your responses will remain
    anonymous and all survey results will be grouped together for any
    future publication or presentation. Each participant who completes the
    survey may choose to enter a draw to win one of two $50.00 (CAD) gift
    certificates from Amazon.ca

    If you are interested in participating, please click on the URL below
    to find out more about the survey. In order to access the survey, you
    will be asked for your email address. Your email address remains
    confidential, even from me, and is strictly for administrative
    purposes. Providing this information will allow you, should you decide
    to participate, to return to the survey and complete it at your


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

    Thank you very much for your time and your help

    Sherida Ryan
    Ph.D. Candidate
    OISE/UT, Adult Education and Community Development
    sryan, Apr 25, 2007
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  2. sryan

    FKS Guest

    Shouldn't you post a copy of your IRB approval in order to conduct the
    FKS, Apr 25, 2007
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  3. sryan

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Sherida,

    Subject: Why you can not "trust" posters on sci.med.vision.

    Here is an example of it. It is not my post and never reflects
    any of my views concerning the dynamic behavior of
    the fundamental eye.

    This screwed up person as invented the name "Odis",
    a truly dishonest person.

    If he has a "medical" background, his ethics are
    truly bad.

    I express the concept that you have a right to an
    informed choice on PREVENTION. You may, or
    may value this second-opinion method expressed by
    Steve Leung at www.chinamyopia.org

    One issue we all agree on it that PREVENTION must
    be started BEFORE that first minus lens is applied.

    I hope the person who "hijacked" my name would
    be honest and identify himself for what his is.

    But this should answer your question about "trust" on

    Otis S. Brown



    Example of a false post:

    Subject: SCIENTIFIC (not medical) proof

    Dear Ms. Brainy,

    It is important to understand that a person whose refractive
    STATE is beginning to go DOWN DOES have a choice, providing
    intervention begins AT the "threshold."

    My nephew, Keith, began using the plus lens to prevent
    stair-case myopia when he was in junior high school. His
    strong will and determination allowed him to keep his distance
    vision "clear" to this very day. That same determination
    allowed him to complete the Ironman Triathlon, in Hawaii,
    by the way. I am working on a theory that this particular
    triathlon may ALSO prevent myopia, even in isolation.

    His sister, Joy (my niece), however, was not quite so lucky.
    She worked equally hard with the plus as her brother, but
    still wound up in a significantly negative refractive STATE.

    In fact, her driver's license has a few unusual restrictions as
    a result of this. I usually do not speak of her, but am at
    the point where I feel this may approach dishonesty, or
    at least APPEAR that I am trying to hide something.

    So I'm batting .500, as they say. The majority-opinion opto-
    metrists claim that I cannot establish cause-
    and-effect here, but it seems self-evident. I also do not
    respect a degreed person who uses tricks and wizardry to
    provide 20/20 (or better) vision for somebody in only ten
    minutes with no regard to what effect this may have on them.

    I invite you to review the opinion of a second-opinion
    optometrist who has the resolve and the insight to put HIS OWN
    children in plus lenses. Sadly, they have vision trouble and are
    developing poor hand-eye coordination as a result, but his
    conviction is not shaken, nor should it be:




    otisbrown, May 2, 2007
  4. sryan

    Ms.Brainy Guest

    Most people would detect an Internet fraud easily, but not always.
    However, there usually will be someone who would alarm others to the

    For instance, I could easily sign up as "Dr. Brainy" and try to
    mislead the readers. Will I succeed? Not likely. Somebody will
    expose my ignorance and expose me. [of course I am not likely to do

    BTW, I noticed the "Odis" messages, didn't pay much attention the
    first time, but then it became obvious that somebody was trying to
    crush Otis. Big deal! I knew it was not Otis, but "Odis" tried to
    make some points and I related to the contents rather than the name.
    I am sure many others reacted similarly.

    Generally, the Internet is open to all and anybody can post anythig.
    Only naive fools believe everything they read on the Internet or in a
    newspapers, or hear in school, on TV, in church, or anywhere.
    Discretion and scrutiny are always required.
    Ms.Brainy, May 3, 2007
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