Peripheral through segmented spectacles vs contacts

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Quick, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Quick

    Quick Guest

    This just came to mind (I should know first hand in a
    week or so).

    I use store bought readers. They are very narrow. I
    wear them a ways down my nose and look over the
    top of them for anything not close (granny glasses).

    This way I don't have to constantly put them on and
    off around the office and home. I can't really do this
    driving or outside because they effectively obstruct
    the bottom half of my vision.

    I'm thinking this shouldn't be the case for translating
    segmented contacts right? If the segment is below
    your pupil you shouldn't see it at all. Even peripherally.

    Now I expect the mid section of the trifocals I'm going
    to try will intersect some portion of my pupil and will
    be visible peripheraly to some extent. But I'm thinking
    it will be much less of an effect than the granny glasses.

    I haven't done real well with simulaneous vision lenses
    so I'm guessing I will see some blur in the lower part
    of my vision (peripheral) when looking straight ahead
    into the distance but it should not "blend" and compromise
    (to a small extent) the portion of my vision above it.

    Is this completely off?

    Quick, Sep 16, 2005
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