Pinkeye keeps coming back

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Brooklin, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Brooklin

    Brooklin Guest

    My wife has been getting pinkeye over the past couple of months.

    The doctor gave her ointment and told her to stop using makeup. The
    pinkeye went away after a few days. She started again with brand new
    eye makeup and the pink eye returned. The doctor told her to wash her
    eyes only with cotton pads and not the usual wash cloth.

    This last time, she was not using any eye makeup for a month and was
    fine, She put on new, brand name, hypo allergenic makeup and the next
    morning pinkeye.

    She'll see the doctor tomorrow, but he seems to be at a loss.
    BTW, she hasn't been wearing contacts all this time and no new
    shampoos, soaps or anything else. Somebody else suggested she ask to
    be referred to a eye specialist.

    Any help? Thanks in advance.
    Brooklin, Apr 8, 2007
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  2. Brooklin

    serebel Guest

    Lookks like she'll have to choose: makeup or pinkeye. How bad does she
    need the makeup?
    serebel, Apr 8, 2007
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