Please help me understand cataract vs glaucoma

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Roy Starrin, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Roy Starrin

    Roy Starrin Guest

    I am in my early 70s. I have utmost faith in meyedoc whom I will see
    in a couple of weeks. At the last exam, based on my vision complaints
    and testing, it was determined that I finally passed the threshold for
    cataract surgery and lens implants. We had a thread here on lens
    types a while back. I have no problem with having to have this done.
    Now, I also suffer from mild (little to no damage) glaucoma/elevated
    IOP. The R-eye is the worst in both areas. The last vision field test
    was done the same day as the cataract determination. For the first
    time, noting a small cluster of 3 "hits" in one area of the printout,
    he said he was concerned. We both recognize that a single test does
    not a problem make, hence I will see him again in a couple of weeks
    for retest.
    My question is this: If my eyes are so bad that I require cataract
    surgery, how can I be expected to see clearly enough to pass a vision
    field test? I had a helluva time (worse than usual) just seeing the
    blinking lights. I had planned on having the cataract surgery done in
    the spring, but could push it up if "clarifying" that issue, would
    permit a better assessment of the glaucoma problem.
    Again, I would appreciate your enlightment on this, so I can properly
    discuss this with meyedoc when I see him.
    Roy Starrin, Nov 4, 2005
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  2. Roy Starrin

    Dom Guest

    It's true that the presence of cataracts can affect a visual field
    result... but generally cataracts will make more or less the whole
    visual field 'depressed' (i.e. worse). Glaucomatous visual field defects
    have a particular pattern where some areas are more affected than others
    and this can still show through when the field as a whole is depressed.
    In other words, there are ways of telling whether a poor visual field
    result is due to cataracts or glaucoma (or something else).

    However what you say is certainly true and if you do go ahead and have
    cataract surgery your subsequent visual fields should be a lot more

    Dom, Nov 5, 2005
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