Please Help...Need your recommendations.

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by irfanroberts, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. irfanroberts

    irfanroberts Guest

    Please Help...Need your recommendations.

    I am in my mid 50's.

    I am contemplating Lasik surgery.
    I recently had my eyes tested. The doc said that my grades have not
    changed much and that
    I would be a good candidate for lasik. He does not offer lasik so he
    did not seem
    to have a vested interest.

    Does anyone in the Bay Area know of any good Lasik surgery centers and
    specifically the best doctors to go to?

    If anyone has some good recommendations - for the Bay Area -
    preferably East Bay.
    Please let me know your experience and /or information.

    What is the latest technology these days ?
    What would be best for a person in his mid 50's?

    What are the pitafalls ?
    What I should not do ?
    How much would it cost per eye ?

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations,

    Irfan Roberts
    irfanroberts, Aug 19, 2008
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