PLEASE HELP Problem with new glasses

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by jo, May 19, 2006.

  1. jo

    jo Guest

    In Feb. 06 I went to have my eyes examined because age is making it
    hard for me to see up close out of my glasses. My glasses are for
    distance. I am 45 (well, ok almost 46) and have been wearing glasses
    for distance since I was 23. The eye exam showed that my distance
    vision had improved some and that my close up vision wasn't what it
    used to be. I've been looking under my glasses or taking them off to
    see printed material. I usually only wear my glasses to shop, go to
    mass, and drive. I had never been to this OD b/4 but he was covered on
    my insurance. I was going to get my rx filled where I used to but
    decided get them at the OD office (eye doc and eyeglass place in one).
    The girls in the office talked me into getting progressive. I had
    great reservations but after two weeks decided to get them.

    They were awful. I could only see clearly out of a small portion of
    the glasses and driving was a nightmare. Peripheral vision was
    sickening. I went back. They said they would exchange them for a
    single or bifocal. I went w/the bifocal. Upclose was fine. Distance,
    however, was off. I called them after two weeks and the girl said I
    just needed to get used to them. I was still wearing my old
    prescrption sunglasses. I gave it more time but nothing changed.

    I went back for another eye exam. He said my eyes were dry and to use
    artifical tears for 2 weeks then come back. If nothing had changed, he
    would write a new rx. During the next week I noticed that when I
    looked directly through the glasses that things were just not clear but
    when I looked through them across my nose (head turned right) that
    things became sharp. I went back and told the doc. He said I was
    creating a myopia. He did his checking with the machine lenses stuff
    and wrote a new prescription. Things at 20/20 seem good, it was the
    distance stuff - like reading the grocery store signs, speed limit
    signs, road signs, etc that were not sharp).

    The girl at the front office said this was the last change they would
    make. They were going to charge me for a new rx, but being the vocal
    person I am said no way. I have had the new glasses for about 3 weeks.
    I am having the same problem as before, not quite sharp in the center
    but if I turn my head to the right it is much better. It is not as bad
    as the first rx the doc wrote but I am not satisfied. I have paid $175
    out of pocket for the lenses. I made an appt. w a new doc for next
    week. I will have to pay the cost of the exam myself but for some
    reason the first doc's office never submitted the lens/frame stuff to
    the insurance co. So as of right now, I can still get new lenses. It
    will still cost me about $80 for the crizal coating plus the exam.

    Sorry this is so long but I am in need of advice. What is causing me
    to see less sharply out of the center of these glasses? Does the fact
    that they are bifocals have anything to do w/it? The bifocal part is
    extremely annoying and if I end up getting new lenses, I will get
    single distance and continue to look under my glasses for close up
    stuff. If the new doc says the rx is correct, could the manufacturer
    have messed them up? What should I do w/regards to the $175 I am out
    from the old doc? If I call them now, they will realize they did not
    submit the claim for the lenses and frames and will do so, causing me
    to have to pay out of pocket for any new lenses I may need. My
    insurance will only cover exams/frames/lenses every two years. Why
    can't I see right out of these glasses?

    Thanks for any help/advice/experience anyone can give.

    jo, May 19, 2006
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  2. jo

    acemanvx Guest

    What is your pescription? What you can do is read something as far away
    as possible with your single vision lens then do the same with the
    bifocals. Progressives may take some time to get used to, the upper
    half is for distance and the lower half for near, you need to look at
    the right segment for maximal clarity. Took my dad a week to get used
    to his plus progressives, ditto to my mom for her minus progressives.
    Taking your glasses off for near is another solution, something one of
    the old lady I know in person does. Another old lady just doesnt bother
    wearing distance glasses except sometimes to drive and shes between -1
    and -1.5
    acemanvx, May 19, 2006
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  3. jo

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Jo,

    Subject: Lower-cost Lenses

    Jo> have messed them up?

    Otis> Probably.

    What should I do w/regards to the $175 I am out
    from the old doc?

    Otis> Probably.

    Otis> There are lower cost
    lenses on the "Net" for about
    $20 to $30 -- you might look
    at Zenni optical for a better
    price -- if these ODs keep
    on giving you "changed"
    prescriptions. After
    awhile they do "add up".

    otisbrown, May 19, 2006
  4. jo

    Neil Brooks Guest


    You just got the two least-valuable opinions on this forum. Wait just
    a bit. It can only get better from here....
    Neil Brooks, May 19, 2006
  5. jo

    jo Guest

    Thank you Neil, I will wait for better advice.

    jo, May 19, 2006
  6. jo

    acemanvx Guest

    well if you dont like what others say, do what you want, its your eyes.
    If you arent going to listen to anyone that says anything you disagree
    with, why bother asking unless the advice is something you are going to
    do anyway? Do whatever makes you happy, forget what others say. Thats
    the best I can say. Its your eyes and only you know whats best for YOU
    acemanvx, May 19, 2006
  7. jo

    acemanvx Guest

    by the way, I hate to say this but I think theres some rudeness here. I
    speak from the experience of my parents reguarding time to get used to
    progressives. You chose to listen or not to listen. Everyone can tell
    you the same story and if you dont like what you hear, you wont listen
    anyway even if its good advice! You havent even told your pescription!
    acemanvx, May 19, 2006
  8. jo

    jo Guest

    Ace, did you even read my post? I don't have progressives. That isn't
    what my question was about. And I don't appreciate your insinuation
    that I am an old lady.
    jo, May 19, 2006
  9. jo

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Shhhhh. She'll be okay. Don't take it so personally. She'll simply
    get MUCH better advice from any of the OD's on this board than from
    you or Otis.

    Easy there, Ace. It'll all be alright. No need to get so snippy
    toward her......

    You stated your case. Once the doc's weigh in, she'll do what she
    thinks is best.
    Neil Brooks, May 19, 2006
  10. jo

    Quick Guest

    Ace only advises. Ace doesn't see the need to read the
    questions (not that the advice would be any different
    or better).

    Quick, May 19, 2006
  11. jo

    jo Guest


    Thanks for the info. I do believe they measured me. They had me place
    my chin on a rest and look through a machine. The office girl did
    this, not the doc. She then focused the machine and took a
    measurement. She also measured the rx in the glasses. He did all the
    measuring w/the different lenses in the office. I don't think I have
    astigmatism because I am assuming he would have told me. But after my
    experience, maybe not!

    I thought it was odd when he said I was "creating a myopia". He said
    that the prescription wasn't strong enough and that I was increasing
    the strength by looking through the far sides. I tried doing this with
    my old prescription and it is all completely the same. If anything, it
    gets slightly blurry when I look out the edges. The ONLY reason I even
    went to the eye doc was because I was tired of looking under my glasses
    and thought maybe bifocals would help. Ok, I also hated my frames :)
    If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have gone. I'm not having any
    problem w/my current glasses. The doc said my rx had changed a little,
    the girl in the office said it changed a lot. ????

    When I originally got the progressive (aside from maybe being someone
    who could not adjust to them) of course I couldn't see well out of them
    because the first prescription was wrong! I asked the office girl if
    they just re-do the progressive lenses and she said that they make a
    whole new pair because progressives are made differently. But since I
    am still having the exact same problem w/the bifocals, I am wondering
    if they didn't just use the same b-focal lens and just re-do them
    (don't even know if this is possible).

    I've been wearing glasses for about 25 years and this whole experience
    is a first. They also took pictures of the insides of my eyes, even
    though I signed a form saying I didn't want this. Since it was a new
    doc, I thought that the pictures he took were something that was part
    of their particular routine. After talking to the people at the place
    where I had gone in the past, I learned that they have gotten many
    patients from the other doc with all the same complaints. The people at
    the old place said that if a customer/patient just wasn't happy w/their
    glasses then they would be returned, including the insurance part, so
    they could go somewhere else. At the new doc, on the bottom of the
    receipt, it says that all custom glasses and contacts sales are final.
    Well duh, of course glasses and contacts are custom but if something is
    wrong they should fix it, no matter how long it takes. At one point,
    when I was deciding about the bifocals after the progressives the girl
    said she wasn't sure if the bifocal would fit in the frame. I said I
    would pick out another frame -- she said no, that sale was final. Yes,
    red flags were going off in my head but I still thought they would fix
    the problem.

    Yes, I did pay for everything via credit card, which I promptly paid
    off! This was two months ago and I don't think I can do anything about
    that money now.

    I will ask the doc next week about the measurements, as you posted. I
    don't know my prescription (since I had them do the glasses, I didn't
    ask for a copy). Can I get it off the glasses myself? Thanks for your

    jo, May 20, 2006
  12. jo

    Dick Adams Guest

    I don't think that is quite fair. Otis' advice for considering Zenni is golden.
    But not for "progressives". Of course, you need a competent script to
    start. Good luck on that.

    One theory is that the eye-care professionals have learned that they get
    a lot of repeat business attributable to the vagaries of contact lenses,
    "aspherics", "progressives", eye potions and solutions, etc., and therefore
    vagarize scripts for simple eyeglasses.

    One possibility is to check a new script with a $19 single-vision pair --
    those should be good for signs and distance detail during night driving.
    If good, you can go on to Zenni bifocals, or near-vision glasses, if needed.
    If not, heave a brick through the fucker's store-front, and find another
    script writer.
    Dick Adams, May 20, 2006
  13. jo

    Dom Guest

    Hi Jo...
    All makes sense so far.

    Sounds like a problem either with centration (alignment) of the
    progressive lenses (more likely), or maybe with adaptation (less likely)
    or a combination of both.

    I went back. They said they would exchange them for a
    Distance vision in a bifocal should be clear pretty well straight away.
    After two weeks there's no more 'getting used to them'.
    It's true that dry eyes can cause vision to fluctuate and be hazy but
    your description of your problems doesn't seem to match this as a cause.
    Did the artificial tears help you see more clearly? If not, then dry eye
    wasn't the cause of your problem.

    During the next week I noticed that when I
    This indicates that the centres of the bifocal lenses are not aligned
    with your eyes. It also suggests that your lens material may be
    polycarbonate plastic or some other lower quality optical material
    (google 'abbe value') - but this second point is a guess on my part.

    I went back and told the doc. He said I was
    He meant that when you look through a lens off-centre, distortions
    inherent in the lens create a different focus - usually detrimental but
    in your case advantageous due to the fact that the central focus isn't
    right to begin with.

    He did his checking with the machine lenses stuff
    Sounds like she is blindly following company policy but she isn't
    realising that you have had a genuine problem right from the start and
    you're not trying to take advantage of them.

    They were going to charge me for a new rx, but being the vocal
    They were going to charge you? Unbelievable. Don't they have any kind of
    warranty, or after sales service?

    I have had the new glasses for about 3 weeks.
    Combination of either (1) wrong Rx to begin with, (2) polycarbonate or
    high index material, and/or (3) mis-alignment of the optical centres of
    the lenses.

    Does the fact
    Probably not - bifocals are pretty straightforward to manufacture and
    get used to, especially compared to progressives.

    The bifocal part is
    Getting single vision lenses and looking underneath them is always an
    option, but progressives are the ultimate solution to give you the most
    versatile vision (and of course they have no annoying line). However
    progressives must be made precisely and are not forgiving of any error
    in the measuring and manufacturing process. I ALWAYS recommend
    progressive to my patients (rather than bifocals) because I know my
    staff have the expertise to make them accurately. If they're not made
    accurately then you'll experience narrow zones of clear vision.

    By the way, if you are a computer user, forget bifocals, progressives
    are better (or take them off).

    If the new doc says the rx is correct, could the manufacturer
    Well yes but the other doctor's office should have detected this in
    their routine checking and rejected the lenses before they were ever
    given to you. In theory.

    What should I do w/regards to the $175 I am out
    Best to ask your new doc after you've worked out what the original
    problem is. But to me the glasses don't do the job you bought them for
    so that's surely grounds for a refund.

    If I call them now, they will realize they did not
    It sounds like you picked the wrong eye doctor! Please don't be put off
    progressives (or bifocals) as they can be very useful; it sounds like
    your problem is with the eye doctor and his office rather than the type
    of lenses. The moral of the story is to go to the place you trust rather
    than the place that's cheapest!

    PS: Please take the advice of both Otis & Aceman with a grain of salt -
    they probably mean well but are full of misinformation & half-truths.

    Dom, May 20, 2006
  14. jo

    jo Guest


    Thanks so much for the info you gave me. I think I am going to go to
    the new eye doc (I've been to them b/4) and see what he says about the
    rx. I will decide what to do w/the old doc after I know if I need new
    lenses. Either way, I will be in contact w/the old doc. At the least
    I feel they should refund my out of pocket expenses. If I end up
    needing new lenses, I will get the old ones and return them and ask for
    a refund. I doubt they will give me one because on the bottom of the
    receipt it says that all custom eye glasses and contact sales are

    I don't want to go back to this doc because I've been there three
    times. He wants nothing to do w/the office end of things. I don't
    necessarily think the problem is the doc, but rather the office people
    and the manufacturer. At one point I asked the office girl of they
    could have made a mistake in making them and she flippantly said not
    possible. My impression is that the office girls (I think one of them
    is married to the doc) are SALES people first and foremost. My husband
    had his eyes checked there as well. He doesn't wear glasses but like
    me, the up close stuff isn't as clear. The doc said over the counter
    reading glasses w/be fine for now but the office girl tried to talk him
    into progressives!! I wish I had just paid out of pocket for an exam
    at the old place to begin with and had gotten my glasses there too.

    Unfortunately, I am very put off by the progressives. My sister-in-law
    has them and says she can only see out of one specific place on her
    glasses. Everything else is off. Maybe in a few years when I get my
    eyes checked again (at the old, trustworthy, competent place!!) I will
    consider progressives. As for now, if I need new lenses I am going to
    get a single, distance lens and just look under them if needed. Where
    I need them the most is grocery shopping or mass -- looking distance
    then at a list or music. I wear rx sunglasses about 90% of the time.
    They are the best. I don't know how people can drive w/out
    sunglasses!! As for tv, being at home and stuff I don't wear them; I
    never have. Sometimes it's nice that things are quite clear -- then
    you can't see how messy the house really is!!

    Thanks again for everyone's help. I will let you know what happens.
    As for now, I'll just use my old glasses.

    jo, May 20, 2006
  15. jo

    Dick Adams Guest

    Nope! Depth of field and residual accomodative amplitude favor single-
    vision eyeglasses for computer use (Zenni's are good).

    Only a very small portion of "progressive" lenses is right for the computer,
    or other desk work. With the single-vision close-work eyeglasses you can
    see anything on your desk, including the computer display, no matter how
    you hold your head. Well, if you are totally presbyopic, and require a huge
    36" display on the other end of your huge mahogony desk, you might need
    bifocals with add+1 uppers and add+2 downers, but with those you could
    also see what the crowd at the bubbler is up to, and, in a pinch, drive by day.

    Actually, bifocals for computer use are a bad idea, because you have to hold
    your head at an unnatural angle. Same, no doubt, for "progressives", though I
    cannot speak from personal experience about that. My lady has several pairs
    of "progressives" that she does not use, but she does not tell me exactly why.
    Dick Adams, May 20, 2006
  16. jo

    jo Guest


    It's funny you should comment about progressives and computers. The
    sales girl at the glass place kept pushing the progressives on me
    because they have the intermediate field for computers. She kept
    telling me this over and over, despite the fact that I told her no less
    than 6 times I don't need any glasses for the computer and that I don't
    wear glasses at home. That wasn't the reason I tried the progressive.
    I was concerned about the line in the bifocal interferring w/my vision
    - and it does - but am very leery about trying the progressvie again
    due to my experience. While I think the idea of progressive lenses is
    great, I don't like having to hold my head or turn my head just so in
    order to see out of the relatively small viewing field. I'm more
    comfortable turning my eyes instead. Of course, if I had the right rx
    w/the right progresssive and just got used to them, I'm sure I'd like
    them just fine.

    jo, May 20, 2006
  17. jo

    Dick Adams Guest

    Ordinary single-vision reading glasses can be quite good for
    computers as well as for reading*, for folks who need them.
    You should bake a special pie for the girl at the glass place.
    If you had some ham, you could have a fine ham sandwich,
    if you had some bread.
    Dick Adams, May 20, 2006
  18. jo

    Dan Abel Guest

    Dicky and I like single vision glasses. Most older people don't. It's
    a personal preference thing.
    Dan Abel, May 21, 2006
  19. jo

    Dick Adams Guest

    Speak for yourself. I don't like eyeglasses or any other kind of eye
    prosthesis, intervention, or eye guk. However, given human condition
    and the situation with human eyes, I feel that some choices are more
    reasonable than others.

    With regard to "older people", they, in general, like most everybody else,
    don't have the slightest friggin' idea how their eyes work, or don't work,
    and can be baffled and buffaloed by most any smooth-talking operator
    with a fancy, expensive, high-margin, often-hazardous, solution to the
    simplest of their visual problems.

    Regarding the adaptation of presbyopic eyes to close work, like reading
    and computer-screen viewing, I feel entirely competent (though neither
    OD nor MD), to shout from the housetops that reading glasses are the
    simplest, cheapest, and most obvious solution.
    Dick Adams, May 21, 2006
  20. jo

    Dan Abel Guest

    I think it's obvious that *no* glasses are best. My comment was simply
    meant to convey that if you *have* to wear glasses, most people with
    presbyopia prefer multifocal glasses.

    "Older people" is a code phrase for "presbyopia".

    Works for me. Works for you. Of course, we both have IOLs due to
    cataract. Not everybody does. For a presbyope with myopia or
    hyperopia, reading glasses may not do the trick.

    My wife could use reading glasses, but she doesn't want to be carrying
    around multiple pairs of glasses and swapping them in and out. So she
    wears progressives.

    It's kind of funny, really. For 35 years, I wore glasses almost every
    waking moment. My wife didn't wear glasses at all. Now, she puts on
    her glasses when she gets up and doesn't take them off until she goes
    back to bed. I don't normally wear glasses anymore, due to the IOLs. I
    only wear them for close work.
    Dan Abel, May 21, 2006
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