PLEASE HELP Problem with new glasses

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by jo, May 19, 2006.

  1. jo

    ashnay Guest

    This is why some of us work hard to create an experience that dissuades
    patients from seeing "...the doctor on my insurance plan." It appears
    the patient education and the post-sale service were lacking. Don't
    write off progressives, yet. If your first car was a lemon, would you
    stop driving? Your visual needs may require a reconsideration in the
    ashnay, May 22, 2006
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  2. jo

    Dick Adams Guest

    (Re: single-vision reading glasses):
    My wife, Mrs. Adams, has a couple of expensive eyeglass pairs that she
    does not use. I thought they were progressives, but it turns out that one
    pair are simple reading glasses she got for computer use.

    Here are the details -- see if you can make any sense:

    Here basic script is
    Add 2.0

    The script for "computer glasses" is:

    She is an proud person who has a large computer display screen which
    sits a bit beyond her reach on a huge fancy table.

    I asked her about the examination for the "computer glasses" and she said
    the "doctor*" repeatedly and rapidly asked "which is best, this or this", and
    she got confused.

    I have tried to explain to her, from 8th-grade general science, about how
    focal length is inversely related to lens power, and about how a one-diopter
    lens is one with a focal length of one meter, and how one inch is equivalent
    to 2.54 centimeters, but she did not take that course, and inversity is
    offensive to her. So we never even got so far as the significance "add number",
    which I have been told by some "doctors*" is a subjective thing, anyway.

    So, like your wife, Mrs. Adams prefers the same pair of eyeglasses for all
    tasks, which eyeglasses happen to be "add 2.0" bifocals. Though she needs to
    sit before the computer with her head at an awkward angle, she says the
    bifocals give her a less blurry image of the computer screen than do the
    computer glasses (which actually have much fancier frames).

    My dinky little CRT screen sits at 20 inches from my face, and my "add 2.0"
    (Zenni) reading glasses work quite perfectly, for that, and most everything on
    my desk, which is actually quite narrow. In a pinch, I can use Walgreens
    readers, but that is a matter of dumb luck because my implant surgeon was
    having good days when he did me. Also, for that reason, I can see everything
    else in the room quite sharply by peering over my narrow readers.


    * I don't always actually know who is a doctor. Usually, around here, the phoropter
    flip-floppers are mostly home-grown techs. Neither of two excellent phoropter jockeys
    I have known were doctors of any sort, and the absolute worst one was. (That
    was the one who prescribed "add 2.0" for one eye, and "add 1.5" for the other.)
    Dick Adams, May 22, 2006
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