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    Controversy Surrounds IU Optometry after Indiscretions in 2007

    So I was enjoying a round of disc golf today when I got a call from the Monroe County Police saying that we needed to talk. Turns out, some optometry classmates were concerned for my welfare as I had supplied an "inflammatory" article written by a Herald-Times reporter on a prominent optometry forum ODwire.org and an inflammatory opinion through the listserv at Indiana University School of Optometry in Bloomington, Indiana. Turns out, IU wasn't pleased to have such a disparaging news story circulating the list-serve and so they of course issued a cease and desist.

    Luckily for me the officers thought the whole situation was just as ridiculous as I did. Free speech is a human right and just because a piece of information scares you or makes you feel bad doesn't mean you should use neo-mcCarthyistic techniques to try and make it disappear.

    Life goes on and while I'll admit my interest in the story is waning quickly, I am glad there were a few students that didn't bury there head in the sand and are hopefully debating the state of IUSO and optometry for the first time.

    Here is a link to the inflammatory forum thread at ODwire (ODwire.org)

    You should definitely check it out but understand that expressing a different opinion might be too scary for ODwire and you could be banned from posting. It happened to me. Cheers!
    mschoolman, Mar 30, 2012
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