Prescription gradually changing after switching to Focus N&D?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Eric H, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Eric H

    Eric H Guest

    Hello all, I'm 29 and have been wearing soft contacts on a daily basis
    for about 10 years now. A month ago my eye doctor prescribed Focus
    N&D for me to try out (had been wearing B&L's that were replaced every
    other month). The lenses felt great for about a week or two, and the
    doctor said everything looked good after my one week checkup.

    After two weeks, my eyes gradually became irritated, prompting me to
    remove my lenses and disinfect with ClearCare. After disinfecting
    overnight, the lenses felt good as new upon insertion the next day. A
    day two after cleaning, the lenses would get uncomfortable, so I would
    remove them overnight. By the end of the third week I was taking the
    lenses out every night due to discomfort, and went back to see the
    doctor. He thought that my handling of the lenses might be involved,
    so he gave me a new pair to try (same BC and prescription, -4.00 in
    both eyes.)

    The first day I wore the new lenses, they felt comfortable on the
    surface of my eye, but after a couple of hours my eyes felt strained,
    looked somewhat red and I got a slight headache. When I got home from
    work that day, I took the lenses out and my symptoms went away. I
    decided to leave the lenses out for a couple of days to give me eyes a

    Two days later when I put the lenses back in, they felt like new on
    the surface of my eye, and vision was very sharp, but I could soon
    feel the sensation of straining in the back of my eyes. I don't know
    how to describe it other than it feels like trying on someone's
    glasses who has a stronger prescription than you. Removing the lenses
    caused this sensation to subside rather quickly.

    I won't be seeing the doctor for a couple of weeks, so my question is
    this: Could the eye straining sensation be caused by my eyesight
    improving after switching to N&D? I've been reading about the low dk
    lenses causing the corneas to swell or thicken, so is it possible that
    after switching to high dk lenses ones vision might improve in the
    absence of the corneal swelling? I've noticed that I can see my
    digital alarm clock on the night stand a more clearly than I used to,
    and my vision with glasses seems a bit crisper. Am I crazy?

    At any rate, I'll leave the lenses out until I see the doctor again.
    I just thought someone might be able to share some insight. Thanks!
    Eric H, Oct 2, 2003
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  2. Eric H

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    I have noted this a number of times in my practice in continuous wear
    patients after switching to a high DK lens like Focus N&D. I attribute
    this to less corneal swelling. Corneal swelling can result in a steepening
    of the curvature, which would manifest as an increase in the myopic


    (Eric H) wrote in
    Dr. Leukoma, Oct 2, 2003
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