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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by microkid, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. microkid


    Jul 3, 2018
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    Hi my prescription is currently this: RIGHT SPH = -2.25, CYL = -0.5, Axis = 25 LEFT SPH = -0.75, CYL = -2.0, Axis = 180

    It has been like that for at least 10 years but it has never felt right, every optometrist I have tried seems unable to find a more comfortable prescription.

    Through my own experimentation I have realised if I move my glasses about 1 inch further away from my nose every things feels a lot better, and moving them 2 inches feels better again.

    So big question is what is happening to my prescription when I do this? I know I am making it weaker by moving my glasses further away, but how much weaker? Can anybody tell me roughly what the prescription is changing to by moving the lenses in this way? Thanks!
    microkid, Jul 3, 2018
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