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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Ron M., Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Ron M.

    Ron M. Guest

    Three weeks ago I picked up my new prescription glasses, took them to work
    the next morning, and immediately noticed a strange visual effect when I put
    them on to work on my PC. These new glasses made it appear as though the
    horizontal, top surface of my monitor was angled upwards on the right side.
    Also, things looked a bit blurry to me through these new glasses. I thought
    at first that I just needed to get used to my new prescription, which hadn't
    changed very much at all over the previous 3 years, but I just couldn't get
    used to the strange appearance of things. I took them off, put on my old
    glasses, and I could see great again.

    If I want some new frames, can I request that the lens maker use my old
    prescription? Either my eye doctor has written me a bad prescription, or the
    lens maker seriously screwed up the creation of my new lenses. Can an
    eyewear vendor deny a person from having a new pair of glasses made with a 3
    year old prescription, even if they CAN positively see BETTER with their OLD
    prescription? I'm ready to just have myself some new Crizal lenses made for
    the new frames I just purchased, but with my old prescription if some
    eyeglass vendor would be kind of enough to do this for me. Or should I give
    the new prescription a chance with some lenses that are re-created for me by
    the company that I just purchased the new glasses from? Something is just
    not right with these new glasses...

    Thanks in advance for any answers to this dilemma.

    Ron M.
    Ron M., Jan 20, 2007
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  2. Ron M.

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Ron,

    Why not post your old and current prescription.

    Perhaps an error was made.

    otisbrown, Jan 20, 2007
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  3. Ron M.

    Mark A Guest

    In just about every state, an optician cannot use an Rx older than 1 year
    from the date of the exam (same applies to drugs). But the problem may not
    be the Rx, but it could be the lens design, lens material, or the fitting.
    In any case, take your old lenses to an optician and they will measure the
    Rx for free so you can compare it to the new Rx so you know what the
    difference is (assuming you don't have your old Rx).

    Find out exactly what model of lens, material (including index of
    refraction) you have in your old and new lenses. My guess is that your new
    lenses are aspheric, which has certain advantages but can cause distortions
    on the periphery of the lens, especially if the lens is not centered
    (fitted) properly in your frame for the way the frame sits on your face.
    This is a very common problem and a cause for frequent remakes of lenses.

    My other guess is that you have polycarb (Essilor calls it Airwear), which
    has the worst optical quality of any material commonly dispensed. If so,
    please post your Rx and get a recommendation from the newsgroup of a better
    lens material.

    BTW, Crizal is not the lens type, but is the anti-reflective coating..
    Mark A, Jan 20, 2007
  4. Ron M.

    A Lieberma Guest

    Dear Ron,

    Please disregard Otis's postings. He is not in the medical profession, nor
    in any position to give medical advice.


    A Lieberma, Jan 20, 2007
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