Problem with No-Line Bifocals

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by powrwrap, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    I respect you , your knowledge your job and what you doing.
    Mike, you and people at this site not another crap.(I do not have any
    other word to use)

    It is not the same.
    It is the same when "science" start working.
    Everybody around have not been cought by OD They just use reading
    glasses for reading.

    Smart statements "headaches becauce of not wearing all the time" from
    the person with surrogate
    knowledge,(instead of go to neurologist ) just sank vision and push
    into glasses, which not really comfy.

    did not solve headaches problem or prevented from getting into
    emergency room.
    lena102938, Sep 18, 2007
  2. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    X-No-Archive: yes
    Nothing that MIKE said supports what YOU say.

    Nothing in the EVIDENCE supports what you say.

    Just like Otis, you are starting with a belief, and then making up
    data to support it.

    You must be a lousy physicist, huh?
    Neil Brooks, Sep 18, 2007
  3. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    X-No-Archive: yes
    Lena believes that if that VERY FIRST BARBER had never cut your hair,
    your hair would NOT have begun to grow.

    Lena believes that if they NEVER put you in SHOES, your FEET would not
    have begun to grow.

    Lena believes a lot of things....
    Neil Brooks, Sep 18, 2007
  4. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    I'm not sure I agree with this entirely.

    If my laptop were working, I'd send the cite/article, but ... cadaver
    testing showed that -- even THROUGH presbyopia -- the ciliary force
    exerted continues to rise. It seems to be PRIMARILY the lenticular
    elasticity that gives rise to presbyopia.

    Actually, I found the header info:

    Judd Street, London WC1H 9QS
    (Received 16 July 1976)

    [fascinating stuff!]
    This also explains how accommodation can be readily restored with
    accommodating IOL's. I have little doubt that -- when the designs of
    AIOL's can offer a 70 year old person 15d of accommodation -- the
    functional accommodative system will comply.
    Neil Brooks, Sep 18, 2007
  5. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    lens theory it is 1970 th, still at age of 61 not 40

    Now it is little different:

    Their always be fricks making uncomfortable "research"
    Their always will be fricks like the one who took culture of bacteria
    in 1984
    to prove his point.

    it is a enough research about Myopia by now too.
    It is a play with data to push sales
    Again i do not mean ODs, they are themselves "victims"
    Simply show goes on.

    It is possible Only in medicine.
    If bridge not in agreement with nature it will fall.

    But Nature is not subject to be changed by managers.
    lena102938, Sep 18, 2007
  6. powrwrap

    Dan Abel Guest

    They aren't new, at least not here in the US. The insurance companies
    pay for these glasses. Insurance companies don't throw money away.
    They increase employee productivity. People who can't see the computer
    can't do their work as well. Employers are willing to pay for this.
    Dan Abel, Sep 18, 2007
  7. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    probably because of that 61% in glasses.

    glasses are cheaper than good monitor
    I do not mean that 21" LCD
    lena102938, Sep 18, 2007
  8. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    61 from article.
    Probably women instead go to job and pretend that she is
    very important manager should sit at home, take care of kids
    and cook dinner instead of stuffing men with TV dinner,
    cereal , fat- free dressing ,sugar free candies
    and the others products where list of ingridients
    the one should read 1/2 hour each.

    Why they need progressives?
    They still not read ingredients .
    lena102938, Sep 18, 2007
  9. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    X-No-Archive: yes

    I think this is both interesting and informative, Lena.

    I think we ought to linger on it for just a moment or two.

    It seems to me that Mike Tyner is taking a novel approach to this --
    measuring, reading, studying, and using clinical experience to inform
    HIS opinions.

    What do YOU use as the basis for yours??


    Neil Brooks, Sep 19, 2007
  10. powrwrap

    Dan Abel Guest

    It drives me crazy to watch my wife at the computer. Her head is
    pointed up in the air. She could just wear OTC reading glasses, but
    prefers not to, even though she uses the computer for work purposes
    several hours a day.
    Dan Abel, Sep 19, 2007
  11. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    You did not read my ref Presbiopia it is reading glassest ill like 70
    Progressives all time wearing
    I agree with accommodation

    Again who have not been with OD has
    his/her own presbiopia sutisfied through glasses in grossery stories.

    Most of people at 40-50 do that.
    now they educate population very intensly about miracle of computer
    sorry for spelling
    lena102938, Sep 19, 2007
  12. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Though bad, your spelling is the least of your issues.
    Neil Brooks, Sep 19, 2007
  13. powrwrap

    lena102938 Guest

    Not every eyes.
    Why it is clear? They did not measure people who never have came.

    Then at 60 everybody should be at least +10 where are they ?
    Just adaptation
    Miopic Eye adopts to glasses, they give more -0.5D everything will be
    clear Very crisp. Everybody will chose -0.5D bigger

    10 years ago I tryied to wear -3 for 2-3 hours having 20/20
    I can take it , if PD is correct.
    I even like it it is fun everything was very very crisp.
    It was 20/20 with -3 D overcorrection.
    I lost 4 years ago.

    Been like Zestu and saying like her.

    I induced only the opposite reaction

    Now I know how to make it (not from that site From exspierence). Too
    Person in glasses not going to give them up so easily.
    if the doctor sad. If it is 600$ it should be Hi tech and
    the best by definition.
    lena102938, Sep 19, 2007
  14. powrwrap

    p.clarkii Guest

    you are right. actually the mechanism of accommodation and presbyopia
    is still not entirely understood. i use the phrase "ciliary muscle
    relaxing" as a way to explain the situation to novices (like lena) but
    it might be that the crystalline lens gets less pliable. but I really
    think that its due to the crystalline growing in size.
    embryologically the lens is derived from surface ectoderm that also
    gives rise to hair, fingernails, and skin, all of which continue to
    grow throughout our life. as we age the lens continues to grow so
    that, around age 40, the lens gets to such a size that the zonule
    fibers begin to get slack and muscle contraction cannot put tension on
    the lens the sufficient to change its shape and focus at near like
    when it was smaller. there are mixed research results on whether
    dissected cadaver lenses really are less pliable. and while it is
    clear that the ciliary muscle does indeed atrophy (from electron
    micrographic studies), it is not clear whether that is the cause of
    presbyopia or an effect of not achieving tension on the muscle which
    secondarily causes muscle fiber atrophy.

    regardless, the observation that pushing the plus on a hyperope versus
    holding minimal plus in the end results in the same prescription
    outcome at approximately age 60.
    p.clarkii, Sep 19, 2007
  15. powrwrap

    David Combs Guest

    To look back and forth from left to right, I prefer
    turning my eyeballs and keeping head straight forward to
    having to keep twisting my head back and forth just to
    see something.

    Therefore, for me, bifocals and trifocals, not progressives.

    Also, prefer "executive" (straight line across, halfway up)
    style to curved-line types.

    YMMV, of course.

    David Combs, Oct 18, 2007
  16. powrwrap

    Zetsu Guest

    To look back and forth from left to right, I prefer
    This will result in bad strain of the eyemind, and further your
    imperfect sight. If you wish to feel well again, you should keep your
    head moving as you move your eyes left and right, in the same
    direction. Anyway what kind of laziness is that; keeping your head
    still all the time. It is not like it takes energy much at all just to
    move your head.
    Zetsu, Oct 18, 2007
  17. powrwrap

    Zetsu Guest

    Not just an illusion; but wrong illusions in the mind is a factor in
    the imperfect sight. When the illusions is corrected so is the
    Zetsu, Oct 18, 2007
  18. powrwrap

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Sorry. Rishi Giovanni Gatti (Zetsu), Lena102938, and Otis Brown are
    trolls who haunt s.m.v.

    Rishi has published, and is trying to sell worthless books.

    Otis is pathologically dishonest and actually hurts people.
    Following his advice can induce double vision in those
    not working closely with an eye doctor.

    Lena102938 uses anti-eye doctor rhetoric as a substitute for ANY
    actual information. It seems she now has to wear glasses and has
    developed a pathological (and ILLOGICAL) resentment toward the
    industry that "foisted these glasses upon her."

    You'd do well to ignore them and wait for responses from the
    caring, compassionate eye doctors who DO also participate in this
    Neil Brooks, Oct 18, 2007
  19. powrwrap


    Mar 30, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Hello Neil,

    I am still waiting for the caring, compassionate eye doctors to materialize.
    It's been 10 years now and they still are nowhere to be found... or should I get my eyes tested?
    Stephen, Mar 30, 2017
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