Problems regarding KC

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by james, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. james

    james Guest

    Recently i had acute hydrops, after which I began to wear RGPM lenses.

    The hydrops resolved fine, and wearing was comfortable for a few months,
    but recently I began to experience problems regarding the lens.

    I experience a burning sensation when reading books, focusing on smaller
    details, but is most severe while using the monitors. It doesnt make a
    difference if I use a CRT or LCD. Watching the TV from a distance is
    surprisingly without problems.
    Using the rewetting drops - alcon optifree and allergan refresh
    contacts, seems to alleviate the problem for a very brief period, but
    after prolonged wear, it does not seem to help at all.

    All suggestions are welcome.
    james, Apr 5, 2005
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  2. james

    Dan Guest


    I had KC for 10 years before transplants. Now, 10 years later, I have KC
    I tried many types of lenses the first time and had problems like you

    This time I was fitted with "piggyback" lenses. I wear 14 mm soft lenses
    7 mm hard lenses on top of them. The materials from each lens has great
    oxygen permeability.

    This lens arrangement is MUCH more comfortable than the rigid lenses alone.

    My $0.02 worth...

    Dan, Apr 7, 2005
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