Problems With Multifocals

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Michael RIce, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Apr 21, 2019
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    I wore contact for about 37 years. I went to glasses for about a year because I needed new contacts and just didn't want to pay for them.

    When my glasses needed updated, I decided to switch back to contacts.

    My doctor gave me the choice between regular contacts with reading glasses or multi focal contacts. My previous contacts were regular ones.

    After a few days of getting adjusted to them, they worked great, for about a week.

    Since then, my right eye does not focus as sharply as my left. I notice in with my glasses on, but only when I close one eye. With my contacts, I see it all the time and much more so.

    When I returned for my two week check up, my doctor tried adjusting the power of the lens. That made no difference at all.

    It is to the point that I get headaches when wearing the contacts. My right eye feels like it is lazy. I tend to "flex" my forehead like when you try to focus.

    I see, overall, better with my glasses that were a couple notches below where they should be, prescription wise.

    I read that dry eye can be a cause of similar issues. I tried eye drops. There wasn't any noticeable improvement.

    I can just remain wearing glasses (especially after updating them), but I prefer the contacts for job related reasons.

    Has anyone have an idea of what may cause this?

    I'm looking at getting on opinion with a different doctor, but I'm sure the prescription is correct, since she checked it when I have the follow up.
    Michael RIce, Apr 21, 2019
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