Problems with new glasses--any advice on what to have checked?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by RedSpecs, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. RedSpecs

    RedSpecs Guest

    Hi all,
    I just had a new pair of glasses made up, and am having major issues
    with them after two full days of wear:

    * Distortion with very slight blur when looking to the left (seems to
    be ok in this regard when looking to the right)
    * Nausea when looking at computer screen or reading at hand held level
    * Bowing distortion (concave) when looking straight ahead at, or down
    on, a flat surface (like a wall, or floor)
    * Objects appear minimized, not proportional
    * Eye exhaustion/headaches
    * Overall feeling of strain, though everything appears crisp and clear
    (maybe TOO crisp and clear?)

    I was in such agony last night I wanted to cry. I switched to my old
    glasses after work and my whole head felt relieved, even though my
    vision was fuzzy beyond a few feet in front of me. :)

    I took the new ones back to the optician, who 1) adjusted the frames a
    bit to give them more of a wrap (said that should fix the bowing) and
    2) said to give it a day or two for my eyes to adjust to the new
    prescription (which he double-checked--it matches the written one).

    Bowing is slightly improved (though I am not convinced adjusting the
    frame is the right thing to do--I'm not a fan of manipulating glasses
    that initially looked perfect on your face) and I am 100% sure
    something else is very wrong. In my 20+ years of wearing glasses, I
    have never had an adjustment period of more than a couple of hours,
    for very slight depth perception, and never any discomfort during it.

    My last pair of glasses, made about 6 years ago by a different
    optician, are absolute perfection (just too weak for me now). Looking
    through them is like looking through clear glass, in every direction.
    Every other pair I've ever owned has been the same. No distortion. All
    had easy, quick adjustment periods. I rarely wear glasses at the
    moment (mostly just reading in bed) since I was lazy about updating
    them. I wear contacts daily, which are about 99% perfect despite
    astigmatisms (I sometimes just have to blink them into a better
    position, particularly when looking at the computer).

    My contacts are:
    (R) -2.50
    (L) -3.00

    I don't know my old glasses scrip.
    My new scrip for glasses:
    (R) -2.50 Cylinder: -.50 Axis:170
    (L) -2.75 Cylinder: -.50 Axis: 5

    I know there should be some difference between contact and eyeglass
    prescriptions, but the difference in these seems odd. I am at a loss
    for how to approach all this with the optician (or eye Dr.?). Is the
    adjustment for the astigmatism giving me grief? Where the lenses
    ground improperly? Is the prescription too strong or maybe just plain
    wrong? Could my PD be off?

    Any advice about this would be greatly appreciated. If my symptoms
    sound common for specific issues, I would really like to know what
    they are so I can suggest them to the optician.

    Thanks very much!
    RedSpecs, Feb 14, 2008
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  2. RedSpecs

    Victek Guest

    Hi all,
    Who worked up your new prescription? Why not talk with them? It sounds
    like your optician can only verify that the lenses match the prescription,
    not whether or not it's correct.
    Victek, Feb 15, 2008
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  3. RedSpecs

    Mark A Guest

    Hi all,
    You didn't tell us about the lenses. What is brand and model. Is the lens
    aspheric or spherical. What is the material (including index). How large are
    the lenses (this depends on your frame size height and width).

    Go back to your optician and find the answers to these questions and post
    them here.
    Mark A, Feb 15, 2008
  4. I just found this post a full month after you posted it, so I'm a
    little late here, but I'm curious if you ever found any help with
    problem. I myself have been having the same problem with my newest
    pair of glasses (all the symptoms you've listed, even the blurs when
    looking to the left) and I haven't been able to figure it out yet
    myself. I tried wearing my new pair for about 3 three days until the
    dizziness and headaches became too much to handle and have since
    switched back to my old pair (which are not really any better because
    they are way too weak in one eye). I've been back to the optometrists
    a few times to have the glasses checked/readjusted but each time they
    tell me the glasses are fine and it's the proper prescription. I've
    been getting so desperate that I've even been checking out the cost
    laser eye surgery. The only factor that's different in my case is
    I don't wear contacts at all.
    Anyways, I wrote this because I was curious if you have heard from
    anyone about this being something other than just a ridiculously
    straining adjustment period. Good luck.
    vampirspiderman, Mar 15, 2008
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