Progress report -- Clearing from -2.75 diopters

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by otisbrown, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest

    This site is about alternative methods of keeping
    distant vision clear -- through the school years.

    There is a tendancy to over-prescribe a minus lens,
    and Mike is aware of this tendancy to prescribe
    for "Best Visual Acuity". This mean that a young
    man could have 20/20 -- but if his retina is
    capable of 20/10 -- he will get an unnecessary
    minus lens (at $300) to "clear" to 20/10.

    Maybe this is how Mike wound up with a -1.5 diotper
    lens at age 10, and a -2.75 diopter lens at age
    14. There has been a consistent (though muted)
    advocacy for true-prevention by STRONG use
    of the plus over the last 60 decades.

    The objective, scientific data implies that
    true-prevention is possible. The implimation
    (as we all agree) is almost impossible -- unless
    the person is prepared to make the effort
    under his own control -- as Mike is going.

    What ever our own opinions, we should all
    congratulate Mike on his obvious success.

    Or are some people anti-progress?

    Prevention with the plus is now the
    "second opinion." Mike has every right
    to use this science to his own advantage.

    Others think he does not have that right.


    Dear Otis,

    My friend let me look through his -1 diopter glasses. With my left eye
    I read 20/25 and with my right eye I read 20/15. I figured this to be a
    ..5 diopter difference between my eyes. I got excited when -1 cleared me
    to 20/15 in my right eye. It made me remember a few months ago when it
    brought me to 20/40.

    In addition I have increased my plus to +3.25 (the strongest carried in
    my area). It is summer vacation and that means no reading for hours on
    end. I am throwing all that I have at myopia. An outdoor lifestyle and
    a very strong plus. My goal is to achieve a more frequent 20/20 by the
    end of summer.


    otisbrown, Jun 25, 2005
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  2. otisbrown

    retinula Guest

    no Otis--

    this site is for people with legitimate questions related to their
    vision to post them, and for eyecare professionals to converse with one
    another. this site is NOT about discussion of alternate methods of
    keeping distance vision clear. For that discussion, please post at or direct people to your own website or e-mail

    you are trying to usurp this audience to push your unfounded theories
    of vision improvement. nothing about your theory has anything to do
    with science, medicine, or vision (except that they are similar to
    outdated theories that have long been disproven). you are a charlatan
    and an unethical snake-oil salesman.

    Caution readers-- otisbrown has some kind of person agenda that he
    tries to promote. he is not knowledgable about the scientific facts of
    myopia development and he has no clinical experience whatsoever. IGNOR

    sick. pathetic old fool. just look for yourself.
    retinula, Jun 25, 2005
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  3. otisbrown

    John Yasar Guest

    There is no need to go this strong in plus, he is going to be reading
    really really close and convergence effort might give ( actually I bet
    it will) him headaches. From my personal experience, I will not
    recommend anything higher than +2.00, anyway, they do the same job. If a
    stronger plus would have helped, everyone would have used a +5 to clear.
    It doesn't really work that way, the stronger the plus, the quicker the
    clearing. 20/20 is not really important in my view as having -.50 I can
    see 20/20 well, at times 20/15. What is important is Mike's refraction
    error, all he has to do is get a mild plus and do close work (only close
    work with it) and get proper rest. He is just growing up and noone can
    exactly know where his refraction is headed. I don't even know if he is
    diagnosed with pseudomyopia.

    PV2 Yasar, M
    U.S. ARMY
    AH-64D "Armt Dawg"
    A Co/602d ASB/2ID/EUSA
    Camp Humphreys, South Korea
    Saturday, 25 Jun 2005 / 15:57:27 Korea Standard Time
    John Yasar, Jun 25, 2005
  4. otisbrown

    RM Guest

    That's what you want it to be about.


    ***** OTIS WARNING *****

    This posting is an automatic reply to any newsgroup thread
    that is receiving comments from a person named "Otis", "Otis Brown",
    "" or "Otis, Engineer".

    Otis is not an expert in any field of vision. His medical and eyecare
    training is nil. Otis continually misquotes people in his posts. He falsely
    claims to be associated with doctors who do not know him. He has given
    people incorrect medical advise. Sadly, his behavior suggests he may have
    psychological problems that compel him to argue against people just for the
    sake of argument.

    Otis is what is known in internet newsgroup lingo as a "troll". Do not
    reply to his postings-- it just takes up bandwidth and storage space and it
    also just fulfils his sick psychological needs.

    No one means to suppress the honest opinions of others. This message is only
    meant to forewarn newcomers who might misconstrue Otis as a expert. Those
    of us who have been here for awhile know Otis oh too well!

    For anyone who is interested in understanding the true state of
    scientific/medical research on myopia prevention, I offer the following

    If you are interested in Otis' theories of myopia prevention then visit his
    favorite websites and You can also post
    in the newsgroup or contact Otis directly by e-mail

    Please see the weekly posting "welcome to", which usually
    appears on Mondays, for a guide regarding this newsgroup and for information
    on how to filter out Otis' posts so that you may be able to participate in
    worthwhile discussions in this forum.

    For further information on killfilling (filtering out the posts of a troll
    or spammer) see the following link:
    For additional information on handling "trolls" like Otis, refer to this
    RM, Jun 26, 2005
  5. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear Prevention minded friends,

    Subject: Prevention minded optometrists -- using the
    "plus" with their children.

    Mike is well-aware of the profound opposition to
    his "preventive" work with the plus. He has
    obviously "given up" on the "majority opinion",
    and realizes that if he wishes to clear his
    distant vision (and keep it clear) he must
    follow the recommendations of Steve Leung OD,
    who can be found at:

    It is tragic when the "majority opinion" ODs
    call the preventive "second-opinion" ODs "sick",
    and other un-professional remarks of that nature.

    Prevention with the plus is the honest second-opinion.

    It is certainly not easy -- but for some -- it
    is the right answer.


    otisbrown, Jun 26, 2005
  6. otisbrown

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Otis should quit his pathetic display of hiding behind so-called
    "minority opinion OD's." None of them post here. Nobody has called
    them "sick." I am sure that more than a few of them would be quite
    embarrassed by Otis, which is why they do not associate with him.

    Dr. Leukoma, Jun 26, 2005
  7. otisbrown

    Dr Judy Guest

    Calm down, it is best to ignore Otis.

    He posts daily to the "i-see" vision improvement group and simply copies
    everything over here, whether relevant or not.

    Dr Judy
    Dr Judy, Jun 26, 2005
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