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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by srktnc, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. srktnc

    srktnc Guest

    I have been using Ormex progressive lens for about 4 years now.

    After moving to this non-metropolitan city 2 years ago, I am not
    getting those 50% off on a complete pair deal and it's getting to be
    too expensive.

    I want to get a new frame and put a new prescription using Essilor
    PANAMIC lense. I think the lens comes with scratch resistence. I will
    also put anti-reflection coating (which is costly) and UV protection.
    I have done some reading online about Valrilux lens type, lens
    material, etc.

    My questions are
    (1) W.r.t choosing the right frame" What info I need to know? Would
    those be eye size, bridge size, and temple size? How do I get those

    As for the lens, I think that aside from the prescription, I just need
    to give Pupil Distance but what is "Far PD" versus "Near PD"? What are
    "Mono R" and "Mono L"? I see the PD asked in the following format in
    the prescription area after the Right row and Left row with "Far PD,
    "Near PD", "Mono R", "Mono L" with drop down selection box form where I
    can choose a value:

    PD: Far PD Near PD Mono R Mono L

    As you see if I were to provide binocular PD, which selection box (of
    the 4 above) should I choose?

    (2) An eye store suggested me to get a computer pair as well a regular
    eyeglass since I am doing computer programming. When I asked what type
    of lens would be suggested, I was told was that the lens used is called
    "computer lens". What did he mean?

    BTW, I understand that I need a special prescripion for computer
    lens. If I want to buy a computer pair online, do I just order like a
    regular pair using the prescription specifically for computer pair? By
    providing that prescription, would the system knows what lend type to
    suggest as is the case on the following site?
    srktnc, Aug 28, 2005
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