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  1. surya

    surya Guest

    Hello friends,
    I am from Bangalore, India. Am around 55 years old. . I am highly
    (around -12 in both eyes).
    My query.
    1. I know that retinal image is upside down on the eye and hence
    disturbances in upper part of
    field are really due to retinal problems in lower part of eye.
    2. Is is possible that the image is also left/right changed; that is,
    in the same way
    disturbances in outer periphery of eye (near the hand) is due to
    retinal problems near the inner periphery (near nose) ?)

    Why do I ask. Please do take time to read through the following
    rambling post; will
    really appreciate a reply one way or another.
    For the last few months have noticed blurring of left eye (Ghost
    images). Stronger glasses +
    cyl correction needed :(. Doctor told there may be start of cataract
    in left eye).

    Well this is the main problem.
    increase in floaters in LEFT EYE. I am seeing around 500 or more very
    small dots, some dark but
    most of them transparent. I consulted on reputed hospital where I
    usually go on 18th April.
    The retina specialist told the following.
    - he has done a through exam of LEFT EYE but not finding anything
    amiss. Might be there is
    blood vessel breakage due to PVD and hence dots.
    - He HAS noticed a small hole in upper periphery of RIGHT EYE.
    Recommended Barrage Laser closure.
    Scheduled for 23rd April.
    - This hole has not been recorded in the previous exams.
    - Very unfortunately for me, all my previous retinal exmams were done
    by another specialist who seems
    to be currently on vacation.

    I went to another hospital (a super speciality one for eye) on 22nd
    April for consultation. The retina
    specialist there had the following to say.
    - He has noticed a SMALL TEAR with a little detachment in the retina of
    LEFT EYE. It was in mid nasal
    periphery (rim of the eye, near nose right at around 9 or 10 O'clock
    from his point of view).
    - Although he observed myopia+age related deterioriation in the RIGHT
    EYE (may be holes too)
    he said they are all benign. I repeatedly told him re
    the other exam and asked him re hole in right eye and he repeated the
    - He said he is not seeing any bleeding.
    - As per him the tear looked fresh and might easily have developed
    between 18th and 22nd,
    a scary thought to say the least.
    - On his advise I got the Laser closure of RIGHT EYE tear done
    immediately (took around
    10 minutes, 200 pulses).

    Because of the above, I did not go to the first hospital on 23rd as
    scheduled, thought I will stay at home
    to prevent any accidental jerks to eye, it did not seem right to be
    moving around after the
    operation although dotor told do not lift heavy weight etc but can
    drive and resume regular

    I fully explained the situation to first doctor over phone; he said to
    come on Monday (25th)
    or in another week and he will give another full exam and to watch out
    for any sudden flashes, floaters etc.

    Both hospitals are very reputable hospitals and both doctors are
    knowledgeable, caring professionals
    who took the time to kindly answer all my queries, some repated in my

    The point
    - I was ALSO observing a rather large floater (web like) in the LEFT
    EYE which used to move down from
    upper left field. Does not seem to be there now after the operation.
    Is it possible that the
    tear near nose was causing it.

    - Should I go on Monday 25th April and ask the first doctor for another
    exam and ask for the surgery
    (Laser sealing of the hole that he saw) of
    RIGHT EYE also that started this whole thing. The problem is the
    second doctor says nothing is needed
    in RIGHT EYE for now.

    - the hundreds of spots still remain; the second doctor said I have to
    live with them.

    Sorry for the very long post. I will be very greatful for a resopnse,
    especially from those in the
    medical profession.


    n<DOT>[email protected]<DOT>com
    surya, Apr 24, 2005
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  2. Quite right. Light from your extreme right side goes through the pupil
    and hits the left sides of both retinas (simple geometrical diagram will
    show that to be true).

    As far as the rest of your story, the only thing I can suggest is to
    follow the advice of the retina specialists, and have them fix anything
    they can. You need to have the retinas down nice and tight before any
    cataract surgery. The cataract surgery (if and when you have it) will
    also fix your myopia, which you will greatly enjoy, but it carries some
    retinal detachment risk, so be sure to go to a cataract surgeon that the
    retina specialists recommend, not to just anyone. Good luck.

    w.stacy, o.d.
    William Stacy, Apr 24, 2005
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  3. surya

    surya Guest

    Thank you Bill, Mike and auriga for your feed back. Appreciate it.
    Thanks all.
    surya, Apr 24, 2005
  4. surya

    surya Guest

    Auriga, I especially value your feedback. Here is wishing you all the
    best and thanks a lot for your feedback.
    surya, Apr 24, 2005
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