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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by donttalktome, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. donttalktome

    donttalktome Guest

    Two days ago I went to the optometrist to get new contact lenses. I
    have not worn contacts in a while but I left off with the Acuvue
    Oasys, which were very bothersome. I don't think they were fitted to
    my eye properly.

    So I made a point to my eye doctor that perhaps my eyes just needed to
    be fit properly. He agreed and gave me 4 pair of contacts to try.

    Pair 1: When I put these in, I had the feeling like I had put them in
    a bit wrong. They were mildly annoying, PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY WERE THE
    WRONG DIMENSIONS, but my doc chopped this up to "sometimes ya gotta
    get used to the lenses and it might take a few days". Now, I am no
    genius, but everyone who I have talked to who is happy with their
    lenses has said "Yeah, I can't even feel them or tell they're there!"
    or something close to that. Not once have I encountered someone who
    said, "My contacts really bothered me for a week and now I love them."

    I couldn't fall asleep in these for about 30 minutes, ended up putting
    in some eye drops and then went to bed.

    The right one fell out when I was asleep. Big surprise. Unfortunately
    I am not sure the specifications of this lense as I put them in at the
    doctor's place and didn't keep the thing they come in.

    The day after, I put in pair Pair 2.

    Pair 2 is Acuvue 2 (my rX is -2 diopters btw) and these were
    uncomfortable from the start. VERY. And right after I put them in I
    had a meeting to go to go, and it was very painful and I took them out
    as soon as I got home. Now, here I am, thinking that I must have
    goofed up when I put these in or something, but I look closely at the
    3 different kinds of lenses I have, and NOTICE THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT

    My doctor has given me 4 lenses WITH DIFFERENT CURVATURES to evaluate
    and see which one is more comfortable. HMMM, LET ME SEE, PROBABLY IT
    WILL BE THE ONE THAT FITS BEST, seeing as they are all silicone
    hydrogel lenses suited for continuous wear.

    The Acuvue 2's have a BC of 8.3, and a DIA of 14.0
    The CIBA visions, which I have JUST put in, and find quite
    comfortable, although not PERFECT, have a BC of 8.6 and a DIA of 14.2
    The CIBA night and day's (the one's suited for 30 day wear...although
    I would never have them in for more than a weak) have a BC of 8.4 and
    a DIA of 13.8

    So, I guess my question is:
    Did my optometrist goof up big here, or do these lenses really come in
    such different dimensions that the "personal preference" he was
    talking about is actually just the sizes that the lenses come in
    (which I find hard to they would try to fit as many
    types of people as possible)?

    Also, do you guys think I should try Bausch and Lomb Purevision? I
    have read nothing but great reviews about them.

    Thank you very much for your responses!
    donttalktome, Feb 20, 2008
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  2. donttalktome

    donttalktome Guest

    I just checked my old Acuvue Oasys lenses, they had a BC of 8.4 and a
    DIA of 14.0, SHOCKINGLY SIMILAR to the Acuvue 2's I just tried that
    were very uncomfortable. I think I am getting to the root of my
    contact lense problem.

    Also, it has occured to me that perhaps my doctor gave me all these
    different dimensions so that he could find out which type of
    dimensions fit my eye properly...although this seems unlikely seeming
    as how they mapped my eye and he spent a few minutes shining a light
    in my eye and using another machine to determine the shape of my eye.
    donttalktome, Feb 20, 2008
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  3. donttalktome

    The Real Bev Guest

    Moreover, different individual lenses of the exact same
    prescription+batch can fit very differently -- some good, most bad, and
    that after a LOT of trial & error attempts.
    The Real Bev, Feb 20, 2008
  4. donttalktome

    donttalktome Guest

    Hmm, that is very odd. So prescribing people contacts is a guessing

    And even if you find a pair you could just be an anomaly?

    Who knew!

    Thanks for your responses. I guess I will keep experimenting.
    donttalktome, Feb 20, 2008
  5. donttalktome

    The Real Bev Guest

    My problem is due to the wrong kind of astigmatism -- most people don't
    have anywhere near as much trouble as I do. Just lucky, I guess :-(
    The Real Bev, Feb 20, 2008
  6. donttalktome

    Mike Ruskai Guest

    Up until recently, Oasys came in a single size - 8.4 BC, 14.0mm
    diameter. They now also come in 8.8 BC (the higher the BC, the
    flatter the lens).

    Base curve is not a precise thing with soft lenses. You can tolerate
    a pretty big range. For example, I was initially given 8.7 BC Acuvue
    Advance, since my eyes are a bit flat, but I can still wear 8.4 BC
    Oasys (though I'll be trying the 8.8 when I next go back for an exam).

    Most lenses come in only two sizes - a low-end base curve, and a
    high-end base curve, with the same diameter.
    You didn't say what they were, and I can only guess they are Oasys.

    If that's the case, there are two sizes, and it's unlikely that you
    were given the wrong one.

    Either it works for you, or it doesn't.
    Acuvue 2 are not silocone hydrogel lenses, and are not suitable for
    continuous wear.
    8.4 to 8.6 BC is a very small range. The diameters are standard for
    the lens in question.

    I don't know what the first CIBA lens you're talking about is, and I'm
    guessing the second is Focus Night & Day. I find the latter
    intolerably uncomfortable, and Oasys extremely comfortable.

    It all depends on your eyes.
    He did not goof up. The main problem here is that you seem to have
    educated yourself insufficiently about contact lenses. Enough so you
    feel justified in lambasting your optometrist, but not enough to know
    the reality of fitting soft lenses (i.e. you pick the existing sizes
    that are close to your eyes' measurements).

    You also don't seem to be considering the differences in material at

    Acuvue Advance and Oasys are made from very soft silicone hydrogel
    with rounded edges, while Focus Night & Day is made from a stiffer
    silocone hydrogel with unrounded sharp edges. I find the former two
    very comfortable, and the latter intolerable.
    They are optically quite good. PureVision are much better for night
    vision than Night & Day (ironically), as the latter have a small
    optical zone, and unless you have tiny pupils, won't correct your
    whole visual field in the dark (when your pupils reach their maximum
    size). The materials feel much the same to me - the PureVision is a
    tiny bit more comfortable than N&D, but still intolerable to me.
    Mike Ruskai, Feb 21, 2008
  7. donttalktome

    Dan Abel Guest

    Sometimes I compare shoe sizes with corrective lenses. Everybody has a
    shoe size, but not only is it not very accurate, but everybody's feet
    are shaped differently. In fact, for many people, one foot is a
    different size from the other. To find out whether a shoe fits, you
    really need to try it on. Even if it is the right size, it may not fit
    your foot well, and you may need to try a larger or smaller size in that
    particular shoe.
    Dan Abel, Feb 21, 2008
  8. donttalktome

    toddster63 Guest

    I just wanted to chime in and exclaim how thrilled I have been with
    the optics on the Purevision contact lenses. I started with the
    multifocal, and after diagnosing myself as not quite full fledged
    presbyopic yet, I insisted my OD put me in the single vision
    Purevision torics (which have worked out great). The technology of
    these lenses is great, and the vision outstanding. They have the
    optics I was hoping for in soft contacts. Crisp and clear, they give
    me 20/20 vision, I can see for half a mile in the distance, and wear
    them for 16+ hours (or even sleep in them) with no major drying
    issues. I am thrilled. I really do buy into Bausch & Lomb's "wavefront
    inspired" technology--these are great optics for soft lenses in any
    light source--night or day or artificial.

    However my goal was always the best optics possible, short of moving
    into RGP's, and I have to admit that the Purevision lenses, with their
    thicker silicone hydrogel construction, may not be comfortable for
    sensitive wearers (particularly the toric version). I have gotten use
    to them in a day or two, and though I am more "aware" of them in my
    eye than thinner soft contacts (ProClear for instance), I would not
    call them uncomfortable, and I consider it a small price to pay for
    such phenomenal optics in a soft contact lens.

    But those looking for instantaneous "can't even feel it" comfort,
    Purevision may not be the answer.
    toddster63, Feb 23, 2008
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