Question about my new contacts...

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by brian.goudelock, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Just recently I picked contacts back up (user of them back in '01 or
    around then). I had my eyes checked again and was given contacts to
    wear. Well, after a week of wearing them, I have had some problems.
    Most notably is the increased pressure around my eyes. It's hard to
    explain. It's not quite a headache but I just feel a lot of pressure
    around my eyes. Another problem I've been having is objects really
    close up, especially computer screens, look different. The screen, for
    instance, get's smaller as I look towards the bottom. It almost looks
    like my screen needs to be adjusted but I know it's my eyes. Anyhow,
    after a week, I went back to my eye doctor and shared with him my
    problems. He told me it is due to my astigmatism I have. He did a
    quick check of my eyes w/ my contact in and we discovered my vision in
    my left eye wasn't that great. So he decided to give me a toric lens
    in my left eye. I wish I could give you the strengths, but he didn't
    let me know and I didn't ask. So, my question is...given the problems
    I had does the toric lens sound like a good solution? The reason I ask
    is I can deal w/ the decreased vision in my left eye. I just want to
    get rid of the pressure around my eyes. That's more important to me.
    The whole computer screen thing I can deal with as well.

    brian.goudelock, Mar 1, 2006
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  2. brian.goudelock

    acemanvx Guest

    Ask him about RGP contacts, they offer the best vision and work great
    for astigmastim. How well are you getting by with glasses?
    acemanvx, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. brian.goudelock

    Brian Guest

    I'm getting by fine w/ glasses...the weird thing is I used to wear
    contacts and I didn't have any of these problems...maybe my eyesight
    has gotten progressively worse (along w/ my astigmatism)? I kinda have
    to gave him an answer soon if these are working better for me. The
    "tunnel vision" is still there (only apparent to me when I look at a
    computer screen or something up-close). The pressure around my eyes
    has seemed to go away...I dunno...
    Brian, Mar 3, 2006
  4. brian.goudelock

    Neil Brooks Guest

    What are the odds of convincing you to add a signature to every one of
    your posts that reads "I am not a doctor."

    Look, I applaud your enthusiasm, but when you're wrong, you might hurt
    somebody (like Otis has). You might not care. You might be having too
    much fun playing "lookie how smart *I* am." I care, though. I imagine
    others do, too.

    Many people assuage their own guilt by blaming "whoever's stupid enough
    to follow Internet advice anyway," but not me. I think there's some
    responsibility on this end that you, for one, ought to take.

    Just put that on every one of your posts, would you? Please??
    Neil Brooks, Mar 3, 2006
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