question about the range in progressive glasses

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by bruin70, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    hi......i have a question about my new progressives, and i wanted an
    unbiased assessment.

    i have a pair of progressives that focus down to about one foot for
    reading. they are thin(ie, about 1 1/4" top to bottom) armani glasses.
    if i look STRAIGHT AHEAD, the closest i can focus is about 6 feet. if i
    get closer(3', 4', 5') i have to tilt my head back slightly.

    how close should i be able to focus by looking straight ahead?

    btw,,,with my older glasses that i just replaced(about 1 1/2" top to
    bottom), i can get as close as 2'+ while looking straight ahead, and i
    can get as close as 9" for reading. the change in prescription was
    minimal from old to new. in fact, the eye doctor just put a corrective
    piece of glass over my older glasses for correction.

    bruin70, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. bruin70

    Mark A Guest

    Progressives are designed for a maximum fitting height of about 15mm-20mm
    depending on which progressive lens design you purchased. The fitting height
    is usually a few millimeters above the centerpoint of your lens. A 1.25"
    lens is about 31mm high. The mid point is about 15.5 mm high, and fitting
    height is about 17 mm high. This may be acceptable according the
    manufacturer specs for a short corridor lens design, but usually the taller
    the lens, the better vision you will have. It is not uncommon for opticians
    to suggest that you sacrifice vision quality for fashion (of course they
    never tell you that you will have to sacrifice your vision).

    Also, it is not uncommon for there to be a fitting problem with progressive
    lenses so that the are not placed in the frame correctly. You can determine
    this by moving the frame up or down to see if that solves the problem (you
    will have to do this with your hands). In some cases, if that is the
    problem, then the frame pads can be adjusted to move the frame, but often it
    means that a remake is called for. If a remake is necessary, do not hesitate
    to demand one from the optician.

    If moving the frame up or down does not solve the problem, further analysis
    is required. In order to better compare your old and new glasses, it would
    help to provide the exact before and after Rx, the old lens model and lens
    material, and the new lens model and material. You have already provided the
    frame size, but it would be best to measure the height exactly in
    millimeters. Your optician can provide this information to you if you are
    not sure.
    Mark A, Jan 18, 2005
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  3. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    thanks, mark. i appreciate your expertice. if i may,,, i will get the
    exact measuremnets of both old and new glasses and post them here. i am
    only assuming that the opticians will try to sell me what they
    can,,,but ib any case it is always a good idea to get an unbiased
    opinion,,,even if it IS on the internet:):)

    my concern is that, for a new pair of glasses with very little
    correction, i am surprised in the difference of the visual range. i
    noticed the curvature of the old and new glasses to be different as
    well. the old has greater curvature and are thibker on the sides. they
    MIGHT be veralux, but i am not sure. the new are thinner on the edges.
    bruin70, Jan 18, 2005
  4. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    i just called the makers of the older lenses,,,,and they are veralux
    comforts. these new ones are thins, so i don't think they are veralux.
    bruin70, Jan 18, 2005
  5. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    i can get the prescription info tomorrow. for now,,,,

    the old lenses are varilux comfort. they are thin, but nowhere near as
    thin as the new ones. the new(problem glasses) are from lenscrafter.
    on the invoice it says "lenses.....superview 1.67 (plastic),

    the new glasses are smaller in both vertical(-1/8") and
    horizontal(-1/8") measurements.

    anyway, i will get all the info tomorrow,,,as i said. thanks again
    bruin70, Jan 19, 2005
  6. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    Why not spend a few extra bucks and get a custom atoric grind with

    i don't know if lenscrafter has that, but i will check other
    opticians.........maybe robert marc
    bruin70, Jan 19, 2005
  7. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    wonderful.... i AM 55, and you just told me i won't be able to see my
    wife across the dinner table. hmmmmmm,,,maybe that's a good thing.
    bruin70, Jan 19, 2005
  8. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    my old prescription......
    od: -6.25 - 0.75 x 180
    os: -5.75 - 1.50 x 180
    add +1.50

    my new prescription......
    od: -6.50 - 0.75 x 180
    os: -6.00 - 1.50 x 180
    add +2.00

    lenscrafter made my new glasses thin, which i didn't want because i had
    problems with thins before. btw,,,they now offer varilux.
    bruin70, Jan 19, 2005
  9. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    i had two new pairs made. one was a "regular" pair and these that i
    still have are narrow. 'i've already turned the regular pair in for
    redo. the problem with those was that it got blurry when i looked
    through the top of them. i shoot pocket pool, which means i have to
    bend down over the pool table, and when i look up i am looking through
    the top of the lens. it was blurry. it was also thin lens and not
    varilux. i do not recall if the intermediate distance was ok. i think
    it was, but i can't remember.

    so both pairs of glasses are giving me trouble for two different

    would i have the same problem if i switched to contacts?
    bruin70, Jan 20, 2005
  10. bruin70

    bruin70 Guest

    here's an odd thing i just thought of......

    the new narrow glasses sit at a slightly greater angle than the older
    pair(ie,,,they tilt forward at the top more than the older pair).
    now,,,,,,when i wear these, i can see miidle range(2'>) much better if
    i tilt my head back. i think this means i am looking through the lenses
    that sit more upright if i have to tilt my head.

    also these new pair are VERY close to my eyes. as in,,,i get smudges in
    the middle of the lens from my eyes, or probably my lashes, touching
    the lens.
    bruin70, Jan 20, 2005
  11. bruin70

    kemccx Guest

    I'm new here and am working on getting good progressives after
    unilateral cataract surgery (don't get me started!). I just had a pair
    of Viralux glasses made -and the vision is so distorted. My old ones
    were add +1.50 and these new ones are add +2.25 - could that be the
    reason? someone mentioned Zeiss and Rodenstock - are they better ? My
    old ones were great - adapted to them immediately. Thanks - Karen
    kemccx, Jan 22, 2005
  12. bruin70

    Mark A Guest

    What is your old and new Rx (in detail)?

    What your old progressive lens, and what lens material?

    What is the lens material on your new Varilux lenses? (don't say plastic).

    What model of Varilux do you have (Comfort, Panamic, etc.)?
    Mark A, Jan 22, 2005
  13. bruin70

    kemccx Guest

    it's a bit of a complicated case. Old glasses were
    OD -6.50 -0.75 x 10
    OS -7.25
    add +1.25
    they were viralux ultra-thin (nothing more specific)

    then, cataract surgery in left eye - right eye needs contact lens to
    bring to full distance, so glasses are to go on top of CL to bring left
    eye up to distance -
    OD - plano
    OS - 1.50 - 0.50 x 90 (was made astigmatic in surgery, I think)
    add +2.25
    these are viralux not ultra thin
    do I need to know more specifics? Karen
    kemccx, Jan 23, 2005
  14. bruin70

    Mark A Guest

    There are several models of Varilux such as the Comfort, Panamic, etc. They
    are different.

    IN addition, each Varilux lens model comes in various materials such as the

    1.50 index plastic (CR-39)
    1.59 polycarb
    1.60 Thin and Lite
    1.67 Thin and Lite

    The higher the index, the thinner the lens for a given Rx, but the worse the
    optics. The only exception is polycarb, which has the worst optics, even
    worse than 1.67 index lenses, but has high tensile strength and high impact
    resistance, and is very profitable so it is often dispensed.

    When you want to know why your old lens is clearer than your new lens, then
    all information this information about the lens is needed so that one can
    compare apples to apples.

    However, the fitting process of progressives is very important, and many
    mistakes are often made by the optician that will affect how well
    progressives work. This is why progressives almost always come with a remake
    or exchange warranty (which is one reason they cost so much). So you may
    have a fitting problem that would explain the difference.

    In addition (although I am not an expert on this) I believe that after any
    surgery (including lasik and cataract surgery) the eye may change somewhat
    in the time right after surgery, so you may need a new exam.
    Mark A, Jan 23, 2005
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