question concerning contact lenses and lenticular astigmatism

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by max, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. max

    max Guest

    my Rx:
    OD -7.00 -0.75x15
    OS -6.50 -1.50x175

    the major component of the right eye's astigmatism is lenticular.
    can this be corrected with contact lenses ?

    on initial fitting, the doc went soft toric on the left
    and spherical on the right.
    the right is very ghosty.
    my impression from her was that soft toric on right wont help,
    but RGP with toric surfacing may help.

    thanks in advance,
    max, Nov 26, 2003
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  2. max

    Jan Guest

    If this was measured at a distance from cornea top too the glasses in the
    trialframe of about 12 mm, your prescription on zero distance (where your
    contactlenses are placed) is as follows

    OD S-6.50 = C-0.50 x 15
    OS S-6.00 = C-1.25 x 175

    Notice the lenspower needed is less but also the cylinder changed!!!
    Not always, but sometimes I give it a try when it comes to such a low
    cylinderpower and a higher spherical part in lenspower as shown in the
    right one.
    Maybe your the type that feels and see everything and in that case it is
    possible that you are more comfortable with a toric contactlens instead of a
    spherical one.
    How do you know the astigmatism component is lenticular for the major part?
    Often, a lenticular astigmatism is "against the rule" or in other words with
    the correcting minus cylinder axe around the 90 degree.
    Do you have the cornea readings to clear this case ?
    What is the prescription of both contact lenses? (maybe the spherical part
    is not right)

    BTW, did she perform an overrefraction when wearing the contactlenses and
    what was the spherical/cylinder outcome? (or do you have an appointment
    later for the check-up)

    About the impression you have got that only a RGP with a toric surfacing
    (meaning the front?) could solve the problem, I must say that it is likely a
    toric softlens might solve the problem also.

    Jan (normally Dutch spoken)
    Jan, Nov 26, 2003
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  3. max

    Jan Guest

    "Jan" <> schreef in bericht

    This is what I meant to say
    Jan, Nov 26, 2003
  4. max

    max Guest

    thanks so much for your reply.
    my answers are mixed in below.

    the Rx i gave in my post was for my spectacles
    the initial trial contact lenses were:
    for the left eye:
    Soflens 66 Toric
    (1) sphere -7.00 cyl -1.75 * 170
    (2) sphere -6.50 cyl -1.75 * 170

    for the right eye (which has Amblyopia and is correctable to about 20-30ish)
    SofLens 59 contact
    (1) -7.5
    (2) i cant remember if it was -8 or -7

    in both cases i "preferred" the lense with less correction

    on day one the doc examined me and ordered the trial lenses.

    i was given the lenses
    on a day when the doctor was not there.
    i was given instructions on putting them on and cleaning them
    and came back a few days later to see the doctor.

    i reported to her that
    the left eye wasn't too bad, but that the right eye had terrible ghost images
    and produced an image that was significantly smaller than the left.
    i bought drug-store reading glasses to be able to read with them on
    when i came to see the doctor i asked her,
    why not just jump right to RGPs since they correct astigmatism.
    she told me that the right eye's astigmatism was mostly lenticular
    and spherical RGPs can only correct corneal astigmatism .
    she said if it comes to it we could eventually try RGPs with toric front
    and back surfacing.

    i do not know what cornea readings are.
    the only information i got was from the labels of the contact lense samples
    that i showed above.
    during this followup she did keep popping lenses in front of my eyes
    to see if things were better or worse. i dont think she performed and
    overrefraction. that involves shining a light at me, no ?

    but i pointed out to her that my drug store reading glasses
    not only helped my reading but took away the halo effect of the right eye
    on her eye chart. so she had me put them on, and popped more
    lenses in front of me. the eye chart reading got a lot better
    and she said she was ordering another set of trial lenses with a weaker

    thanks again.
    max, Nov 28, 2003
  5. max

    Jan Guest

    Seems to strong in every part and the ax of the right lens could be wrong
    but rember, I (and others) can not fit lenses at internet!!!!!!
    This is not clear to me and I am not surtain I should comment any futher by
    not having the excact data.
    Are you sure you visiting a contactlensspecialist or is it possible that you
    give information that is not right?

    major snip...
    She performed an overrefraction.
    Read my first alinea Max, I wish you luck with the other pair of trial

    Jan (normally Dutch spoken)
    Jan, Nov 28, 2003
  6. max

    max Guest

    thanks so much for your response.
    i appreciate your concern about not commenting any further on the

    i do not assume this doctor is a contact lense specialist.
    i don't know how to go about finding a contact lense specialist.
    i had gone to this doctor concerning my issues with my spectacles.
    i've been wearning high index progressives for years, and had always
    complained that i cant see well enough. previous doctors just
    treated me like i was nuts.
    i told this doctor that i wanted single focus CR39s to get best
    visual acuity at distance, and that if i needed to i'd wear my
    old progressives for close-up work.
    she DID NOT treat me like i was nuts.
    said it sounded like a good idea.
    she also suggested i could try contact lenses
    (which no other doctor had suggested)
    so i decided to use her for the contact lenses.
    somehow in my layperson mind, i figure that a lense
    that is directly on my eye has a better chance
    at visual acutiy than spectacles.

    the real bottom line of my question was this:
    given that i accept her diagnosis that most of my
    right eye's astigmatism is lenticular, but also given
    that "OD -7.00 -0.75" i believe implies i should be
    able to get by without correction for the astigmatism,
    but also given the fact that the eye has amplyopia ...
    what are my hopes of getting a satisfactory contact lense ?
    i know that was a mouthful !

    max, Nov 30, 2003
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