questions about contact lense vertex distance

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by acemanvx, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. acemanvx

    acemanvx Guest

    I wish to post my pescription again with some questions:

    I was manually refracted at -5.5(left) with -.5 astigmastim and
    -5(right) early this year. I believe im a -5(left) and -4.5(right) with
    -.5 astigmastim in each eye. My nearpoint test reveals 20cm and 22cm
    respectivately further backing up my belief that I improved a half
    diopter in each eye in the last 8 months.

    Why is there so much controversity reguarding vertex distance for

    Then explain how I am seeing 20/50 with -3.25 contacts but 20/100 with
    -3.25 glasses. Explain why im seeing very nearly as well with -3.25
    contacts as -4.25 glasses. Explain why im seeing with -4 contacts as
    well as -5 glasses, both giving me my 20/30 BCVA? Tilting my -5 glasses
    to give it more minus power makes things from near more blurry and
    eventurally more blurry from far.

    I am not saying I know more then those optometrist experts, I actually
    want to know why every contact I wore and tried was giving me a
    proportional vertex distance of 1.25 times more than glasses. My -2.25
    contacts were giving me -2.75 correction, my -2.75 contacts -3.5
    correction(I see clearer with those than -3.25 glasses) -3.25 contacts
    giving me very nearly the same vision as -4.25 glasses. I wonder why
    this is the case if some people disagree?

    I put glasses over my -3.25 contacts and I found that I only needed
    another -1 diopter in glasses to give me my 20/30 BCVA. I tried -1.5
    diopters and there was no difference(but blurrier from near) If someone
    wants to claim -3.25 contacts is equal to -3.25 glasses and I need
    another -1 to see my 20/30 BCVA then he would consider me a -4.25 yet I
    see 20/40(20/50 in left) with -4.25 glasses and I need -5 glasses to
    achieve my BCVA(20/30 in left)
    acemanvx, Nov 15, 2005
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