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Discussion in 'Optometry Discussion' started by NBEO, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    Hello Everyone
    I am struggling to figure out the answer to these questions related to medications below. Your input is greatly appreciately. Thank you.

    1) What is the text book answer for a routine dilation for a very normal no pathology, no diabetic, no heart or respiratory problem, 20yrs old blue irish OU? If assume that you have 0.5%, 1% tropicamide, 2.5%phenylephrine, and diphenyl-T in the office, which will be the most favorable drop? (Or another way to say for the same question is what is the American OD association recommended drop for routine dilation?)

    2) Most OD give patient keratolac (NSAID) topical for pain control in the case of cornea abrasion. To what severity of cornea abrasion do we give the patient oral acetaminophen for pain? For example if a 5mm length corneal abrasion at central cornea, would this severe enough to justified oral pain killer?

    3) If the patient take Minocyclin and Acutane at the same time and ophthalmoscopy reveal papiloedima, how do you know to pin point which drug cause the optic disc odema? Is the Minocyclin have higher probable of causing disc odema?
    NBEO, Aug 30, 2013
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