questions about prism correction and contact lenses

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by JOHN DOE, Sep 9, 2003.


    JOHN DOE Guest

    I would like to know if it there are any contact lenses with prism
    correction. For instance RGP lenses? If so, how when where, what does
    it cost???
    If not, if it is expected to become available sometime?

    Furthermore i was hoping somebody could tell me whether contact lenses
    can be combined with glasses containing a prism correction. Would like
    to use lenses for sports and stuff and prism correction only for
    reading, computer and tv (which is 80% of my average day usage)

    Can prism glasses with cylinders and about +2 correction be used with
    those color lenses? (no correction in the lenses ofcourse, just
    another color)?

    And according to my info, prism correction is not available by lasik
    techniques? Why not? Is it expected to be in the future?

    Thanks alot for anybody who provides me with some information
    regarding these questions!!
    JOHN DOE, Sep 9, 2003
  2. Hi,

    No, not yet.
    IMHO no. The lens is "swimming" on top of your tear layer. And due to
    gravity the prism's base side will turn down for the lens is thicker
    and therefore heavier there. So it's not possible to fulfill your
    prismatic needs with a contact lens.
    As long as your eyes fulfill all requirements for wearing lenses, no
    Same as above.
    IMHO not. Creating a prismatic cornea will lead to a stair effect on
    the prism's base side which will cause much more problems than help.

    And by the way: In my eyes LASIK is a crime. Visit for more info on my opinion.
    You're welcome.

    C U


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 9, 2003

    JOHN DOE Guest

    thank you for your reply sascha!

    and lasik is indeed a crime, since ive had 2 intakes and in both cases
    i was found ok for lasik treatment. This was pre-prism.

    So i guess i would have came out worse. A true quick money scame
    JOHN DOE, Sep 9, 2003

    LarryDoc Guest

    Except that his information is incorrect.

    You can have prism in contact lenses. It does, however, depend upon how
    much prism and in whch direction the image needs to be shifted. And that
    would apply to RGP or soft lenses.


    Dr. Larry Bickford, O.D.
    Family Practice Eye Health & Vision Care

    The Eyecare Connection
    larrydoc at m a c.c o m
    LarryDoc, Sep 9, 2003
  5. Hi there,

    Well, I don't think so.
    And what idid I say, that#s different to that?
    An overcorrection has not so much in common with a prism correction.
    You can even have a prism correction without dipotric power. That is
    what I wear to support my vision.

    C U


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 10, 2003
  6. you mean a scleral lens wont turn heaviest side down? How will you
    stabilize it?

    C U


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 10, 2003
  7. Hi,

    great idea. Have you already applied for the Nobel Prize with that
    brilliant idea?


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 11, 2003
  8. Hi Robert,


    thank you for backing me up. But take a look at he other answers ...
    Any more questions?

    C U


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 12, 2003

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    I have prescribed prism in a contact lens with variable results, but nobody
    ever said it would be practical, joker. As far as decentration goes, there
    are parallels in the literature concerning decentered LASIK ablations, in
    which strabismus was induced as a result.


    Dr. Leukoma, Sep 12, 2003
  10. JOHN DOE

    drfrank21 Guest

    You're right, we're agreeing. Puzzled by Larry's answer that he can
    fit cl's with incorporated prism - there isn't anything for bi/bo and
    even verticals are impractical other than possibly getting anything
    other by an accident to what the patient needs.

    The origninal posters conclusion is correct- just wear the glasses with

    drfrank21, Sep 12, 2003
  11. Hi,

    thanks, just startet to doubt myselt.

    C U


    Sascha Büttner
    Sascha (MC Sushii) Buettner, Sep 12, 2003
  12. JOHN DOE

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    (drfrank21) wrote in

    However, as a pure "thought problem," it could be done with a scleral lens,
    and without Super Glue. I think that H/Buttner could tell us how this
    could be accomplished.

    Dr. Leukoma, Sep 13, 2003
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