Questions and Answers, Better Eyesight Magazine, July 1928

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    Question - Some days I can read the Snellen test card to the 15 line,
    while at other times only to the 30 or 20. Why?

    Answer - When the eyestrain is less the vision is always better.

    Question - While palming is it necessary to close the eyes?

    Answer - Yes.

    Question - Are floating specks serious? Sometimes they just flood my
    eyes like clouds of dust and greatly frighten me.

    Answer - Floating specks are not serious. They are always imagined and
    not seen.

    Question - By following instructions in the book can cataract be
    benefited without consulting a physician?

    Answer - Cataract has been benefited by following the instructions in
    my book without consulting a physician.

    Question - I find conscious blinking a strain, because I close my eyes
    temporarily and seem to hold the eyeball stationary. If I shut my eyes
    for a longer period would that be blinking?

    Answer - No; the normal eye blinks consciously or unconsciously
    without effort, without strain, and does it quickly.

    Question - If sun and light are beneficial, why do you advocate the
    shutting out of these two by palming?

    Answer - To obtain relaxation. The sun strengthens the eyes and
    palming rests them.

    Question - Why, after palming for ten minutes or longer and my eyes
    are rested, do I feel sleepy?

    Answer - The palming is not perfect. Try imagining stationary objects
    to be moving when you palm.

    Question - When I read and blink consciously, I lose my place. Why?

    Answer - This is caused by strain, which prevents one from remembering
    the location of letters.

    Question - Explain what you mean when you say "imperfect sight,
    imperfect memory."

    Answer - If you see an object imperfectly, blurred or gray instead of
    black, you cannot remember it perfectly. You will remember it as you
    see it.

    Question - Is there a possibility of palming wrong? I can obtain some
    benefit, but later I feel strained.

    Answer - Palming may be done properly or it may be done wrong. I would
    suggest that you read the chapter on palming in my book.

    Question - I get nervous if I palm for any longer than ten minutes at
    a time. Can I obtain as much benefit by palming for short periods at
    more frequent intervals?

    Answer - Yes.

    Question - What is the circular swing and how is it practiced?

    Answer - The circular swing is described in the June number of "Better
    Zetsu, Mar 26, 2009
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