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    Questions and Answers

    All readers of this magazine are invited to send questions to the
    editor regarding any difficulties they may experience in using the
    various methods of treatment which it recommends. These will be
    answered as prompty as possible. Kindly enclose a stamped addressed

    Q. 1. When objects at a distance clear up they are double. Can you
    suggest a remedy for this double vision? 2. When I open my eyes after
    palming my sight gradually clears up, but an intense pain comes in my
    eyes, so that they close. The pain always starts with very clear
    vision. Is this eyestrain?—H. M.

    A. 1. If the objects are double when they clear up, relaxation is not
    complete, and the only remedy is to secure a greater degree of
    relaxation. This may be done in many ways. Use the method you have
    found most effective. 2. Yes. Your sight should be best when you open
    your eyes. If it clears up afterward, it is because you are making an
    effort to see. This produces the pain.

    Q. 1. How long should one palm and how often? 2. How young a patient
    can you treat by this method, and up to what age can you expect
    results? How would you handle a child that did not know its letters?
    3. Is astigmatism curable by this method? 4. How long has the method?—
    J. H. W.

    A. 1. As often and as long as possible. 2. The age is immaterial. It
    is a matter of intelligence. Patients as old as eighty-two have been
    relieved. Children can be treated as soon as they are able to talk.
    Any small object can be used for eye training, and in the case of
    children who do not know their letters, kindergarten and Montessori
    equipment is often useful. 3. Yes. 4. Its evolution began thirty-five
    years ago. It has improved as experience was gained, and is still

    Imperfect Sight Can be Cured Without Glasses
    You Can Cure Yourself
    You Can Cure Others

    Better Eyesight
    A monthly magazine devoted to the prevention and cure of imperfect
    sight without glasses
    Copyright, 1920, by the Central Fixation Publishing Company
    Editor—W. H. Bates, M.D.
    Publisher—Central Fixation Publishing Co.
    $2.00 per year, 20 cents per copy
    342 West 42nd Street, New York, N. Y.
    Vol. III - October, 1920 - No. 4

    Lelouch, Aug 22, 2009
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    That nobody asked
    About which nobody cares....
    Neil Brooks, Aug 22, 2009
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