Recently diagnosed with Salzmann's Nodular Corneal Degeneration looking for guidance

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ndecker, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. ndecker


    Apr 1, 2015
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    There seems to be very little information online or specialists in my area for this subject. I had Lasik in 2001 and lapsed in my regular eye appointments from 2010 until recently. I have a history of dry eyes but noticed it has recently been getting worse. I went to a Cornea Specialist here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Eye Medical Center to have my vision checked since I am getting older plus I do computer work for a living and recently developed pronounceable half moon shaped white modules forming on the inside of BOTH iris's. He diagnosed me after doing several tests with Salzmann's. The doctor gave me lots of eye drop samples, told me to try Restasis again for my dry eyes ( I tried that years ago and tear duct plugs but did not have much affect ) and told me to up my vitamins that I currently take. The doctor said when the time comes I will more than likely be a poor candidate for surgery due to my low amount of eye tissue and how sensitive it is. He told me to come back annually to be re-measured and recheck my vision so far it is:
    OD: -0.50 Sphere,
    OS: -0.50 Sphere, -0.075 and 085 axis (I have developed a slight stigmatism)

    Is there anything else I can do "preventative" wise for this condition? I am 41 years of age and very active. I do take Zyrtec for my seasonal allergies and I was taking Benadry at night until I realized it was 'drying' my eyes out literally. I did go ahead and get a prescription for Restasis filled. I have also heard that "Singulair" may be a good alternative to Zyrtec. Has anyone tried this?

    Thank you for your time. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.
    I am looking to get a second opinion and any advice for preventative treatment. The thought of going blind possibly one day is quite terrifying. Is there a forum with other cases to read and hopefully success stories with tips? Any doctor recommendations?

    ndecker, Apr 1, 2015
  2. ndecker


    Nov 3, 2015
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    Hi Nicole...I have Salzman's Nodular Degeneration as well. I was diagnosed with this about 6 years ago. I've had the PTK surgery back in 2011 only to have the the noduals return within a 6 month period. Also since that surgery I have floaters which are not that bothersome but still there. I currently am having so much trouble with dry eyes, inflammation, extreme tiredness of the eyes, foreign body syndrome and eye infections. My last doctor has semi retired and wants me to be the guinea pig for his kids taking over the practice and I've moved out of his office area so I'm now in search for a new doctor. I saw an eye surgeon at my new location and he referred me to see a dry eye specialist of which I sat in his office for over 2 hours taking test after test and had to listen to his staff try to upsell me on products and procedures not covered on my insurance. Needless to say I didn't go back. I have tried calling several local eye specialists with no avail. They either can't see me for months or just don't want to be bothered. I'm at a loss left eye vision is now 20/80 and my right eye is 20/30 causing bad headaches every day. I am a bookkeeper by trade and its now starting to interfere with my work. I need to find a surgeon to see if I can get this surgery done again...Nobody wants to take this case on. Have you found relief of any sort? Doctor recommendations? I'm in the West Palm Beach would think that I could surely find a doc there...but I'm lost.

    bnattinger, Nov 3, 2015
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