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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Jeffrey Spoon, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hello. I have had slight swelling of the eyelids for a few years. I have
    recently changed an acne cream I've been using for about 13 years which
    is benzoyl peroxide based and pretty brutal. It worked well, but after
    trying various things and still getting swollen eyes (originally thought
    it was my RGP lenses which I stopped wearing years ago) I've changed
    this cream to a noctinamide based gel instead. However my eyes stills
    swell occasionally.

    When I went to see an eye doctor he diagnosed allergic conjunctivitis
    and blehparitis due to dandruff. Which I am pretty skeptical of. I
    suspect this is because of the skin peeling caused by the original
    benzoyl peroxide cream which made him diagnose this (which I mentioned
    but didn't actually seem to change anything).

    My question is, how long would it normally take for an allergic reaction
    to subside (assuming the substance causing the allergy has been removed
    - which I'm not convinced has been) normally? If it's possible to say,
    that is.

    Jeffrey Spoon, Oct 14, 2005
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  2. Jeffrey Spoon

    Julie Bove Guest

    That really depends on what the allergen is and how allergic to it you are.
    I've had skin reactions that took a week to clear up.

    I've also had blepharitis. Mine didn't respond to standard treatments. I
    finally got it to clear by using baby shampoo to scrub my eyes with, and
    also putting warm compresses of chamomile tea on my eyes as often as
    Julie Bove, Oct 15, 2005
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  3. Yeah I was advised to do that as well. The trouble is you're just
    treating the symptoms. Does it come back after you stop this, or do you
    still do it?
    Jeffrey Spoon, Oct 15, 2005
  4. Jeffrey Spoon

    Julie Bove Guest

    You're really not just treating the symptoms when you do this. You are
    cleaning away the debris with the baby shampoo and the warm compresses are
    soothing to the inflamed skin.

    I had the blepharatis come back once. This was about 6 months after it
    cleared up. I began treating it immediately and also went to the Dr. right
    away. He prescribed some drops. I was in the middle of a cross country
    move when I saw this Dr. He wasn't going to do anything since he was a GP.
    Told me I needed to see an eye Dr. I persisted. Told him I knew what it
    was. I just needed some drops. So he prescribed some. Within three days
    of using the drops, and also doing the eye scrubs and compresses it cleared
    right up.

    When I had it the first time, I didn't go to the Dr. right away. I didn't
    know what it was. Just assumed it was allergies. Then when I did try to
    get in to the Dr., he couldn't see me for something like 3 months. I had to
    switch Drs. But even then, I still had to wait several weeks. So I think
    by waiting that long and not knowing what to do, I allowed the condition to
    get to the point where it was difficult to treat.

    That particular eye Dr. wasn't very helpful in treating it. She kept
    prescribing me different drops and ointments. I think the ointments were
    irritating to the inflamed skin. She also told me that I probably had an
    allergy to thimerisol and told me to buy those single serve packets of drops
    for dry eyes. I was constantly putting those drops in, attempting to soothe
    my eyes. Yet they didn't seem to help. The Dr. had recommended the eye
    scrubs. I did the compresses on my own.

    Now at the first sign of irritation of any kind, I use baby shampoo and wash
    off my eyelids. That seems to stop the problem before it begins.
    Julie Bove, Oct 16, 2005
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll give this a go I think.
    Jeffrey Spoon, Oct 17, 2005
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