Redness and vessels

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Quick, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Quick

    Quick Guest

    Anyone have pointers to pictures of average eyes
    showing normal redness and blood vessels and
    then not normal pictures.

    I've been trying contacts (acuvue bifocals) for around
    3 weeks now. Lately I've noticed redness in the inner
    corner of my eyes. Look in the mirror and look left or
    right and the part that gets exposed next to my nose
    is red (more so than normal?). Fairly distinct line where
    it goes from red to not red. Only on the inside (nose side
    ) of my eyes. It looks like a very fine web of capillaries.

    Then there are some larger blood vessels that extend out
    of this area. Actually they extend from pretty much all the
    way around but maybe a couple more from the red area.
    They extend from the edge towards my iris
    but not all the way to it. One or two sort of go across
    instead of extending radially towards the center. These
    are very sparse. Not really noticeable unless I really open
    my eyes wide and look.

    I'm looking for pictures since I don't know if I just haven't
    noticed it before since I never had occassion to look closely
    at my eyes or if it's new. The redness in the corners is new.
    You can't see it just looking in the mirror. I have to look right
    or left.

    Quick, Jul 19, 2005
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