response - Plastic Lenses without AR coating + is there UV protection if you don't have AR coating

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by aimee, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. aimee

    aimee Guest

    thanks for your advice Mark. (I wasn't able to reply to your reply,
    some error with retrieving addresses...)

    I live in the Netherlands, and there is no walmart here. could you
    (or anyone else) recommend any particular brands which offer the 1.6
    plastic With Anti Scratch Coating and WITHOUT AR coating?

    Two things I'm especially looking for are:

    Abbe value:
    I've heard that getting a high abbe value can impact on one's vision.
    would high abbe value be something to consider with my prescription
    (-3.5 and -3.0)?

    Durable anti scratch coating:
    I'm aware of the Premium AR coatings which are available. Is there a
    lens brand that comes with an equivalent "Premium grade anti scratch
    coating" which can withstand almost anything? How many years could I
    expect this to last, (what with the frequent cleaning with dry cloths,
    landing lens down after being dropped etc?)

    aimee, Jan 27, 2005
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  2. aimee

    Mark A Guest

    Did you hit "Reply" or Reply Group". Make sure you "Reply Group".

    Crizal and Alize from Essilor are fairly durable AR coatings. Alize is
    fairly new and said to be easier to clean than Crizal. They are available on
    most Essilor lenses and also some other brands. There are some other good AR
    coatings also (check the newsgroup archives at google groups).

    The higher the abbe value, the better the optical quality (less chromatic
    aberration). Usually the higher the index of the lens, the lower the abbe
    value. One exception is polycarbonate (1.59 index), which has the worst abbe
    value (30) of just about any lens on the market. The higher the lens power
    of your Rx, the more this is important. It affects some people more than
    others. Your lens power is probably borderline as to whether it is

    It is possible that labs in the Netherlands simply do not provide lenses
    without AR coating, even if the manufacturers do have them without AR. I
    don't know what to say, except to keep looking. See if you can find out
    which lenses they have available (with AR only) and provide that information
    Mark A, Jan 27, 2005
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