Returned LC glasses. Please advise.

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Al. C, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Al. C

    Al. C Guest

    Note: Age 57, male, excellent health, no meds.

    Below is my old perscription and the new one. The numbers mean nothing to
    me. Here is the story.

    About 3 years ago I got the old script, went to Lenscrafters and they made
    me progressives (my first... after wearing lined bi's for six years) with a
    lens they called 'Comfort' made by Essilor (?) or Veralux. These were/are
    great glasses. I can see the computer and everything. They work great.

    This month I got a new script, went to LC and got new lenses and frames.
    They just didn't work. The channel was just too small and there was hardly
    any perif vision. Way different from the old progressives. Tried them for
    30 days and took they back today. I wanted them to work but it just didn't.

    The optician said that LC does not carry the 'comfort' lens anymore but said
    it was her 'favorite' when LC carried it. She said most never had problems
    with it Seems LC changed to a new lens, but she didn't say which one the
    new glasses were made with.

    She said she could order a Veralux 'comfort' lens, but it would cost another
    $100, maybe a bit less and that it might work. I opted for the refund...
    which was too bad because I loved the style of the frame and lens. But I
    had paid $300 for them and didn't want to invest more on "the hope" that it
    would work.

    Fortunately the old script works OK (especially on the computer). I really
    want new frames and lenses and can go to any number of places in the
    Sacramento area but am not sure where.... or what to even ask for in the
    way of lens materials, makes, manuf., etc. I spend most of my time at the
    computer if that is any help. I don't have insurance so the cost comes out
    of my own pocket. I want to be an informed buyer, but I'm kind of lost.

    And do I need expensive poly-carb? I'm told it results in a thinner lens
    that has better optics. And how come I can't get a 10% tint on
    anti-reflective anymore? It used to be easy to buy glasses!

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Al C.

    Old script:

    Sphere Cyl Axis
    DV OD -3.25 -050 110
    OS -3.50 -0.75 90
    NV OD +200
    OS +200 Pupillary=59 Dist=55

    New script:

    Sphere Cyl Axis
    DV OD -3.25 -075 101
    OS -3.50 -0.75 87
    NV OD +2.25
    OS +2.25 Pupillary=59 Dist=55
    Al. C, Mar 3, 2005
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  2. Al. C

    Mark A Guest

    Polycarb lenses are relatively thin (1.59 index) and light, but have the
    worst optics of any lens material commonly dispensed. Whether this is a
    problem for you depends on the strength of Rx and some other factors.
    Polycarb does have high impact resistance and high tensile strength, if you
    need safety glasses. Trivex (Hoya Phoenix and Younger Image) also has high
    impact resistance and high tensile strength with much better optics, but are
    a little bit thicker.

    Usually, the higher the index, the thinner the lens (and therefore lighter),
    but optical quality goes down. But as already mentioned, polycarb has worse
    optics than even a 1.70 index lens.

    You might try Wal-Mart Optical or Sams or Costco. They will tell you the
    brand name and lens material they are selling (if not ask someone else in
    the store). I know that the did carry the Comfort at one time. There are
    other premium brands that are probably equally as good for you. Lenscrafters
    sells the cheapest materials and design they can get away with, and the
    quality of their products seem to be decreasing every year.
    Mark A, Mar 4, 2005
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  3. Al. C

    Dom Guest

    Varilux Comfort are one of the better progressive lenses ever made. Ask
    around until you find who will sell you one. Also important is the
    accuracy of the fitting measurements... hard to tell who's going to do a
    good job of this until you pick up your new specs though! Ask friends in
    your local area who wear progressives if they are happy with theirs - if
    so, they probably went to a place where they know how to take measurements.

    I wouldn't bother with polycarb unless you need safety specs.

    Dom, Mar 4, 2005
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