RGP fitting method for post-LASIK and irregular corneas

Discussion in 'Laser Eye Surgery' started by 7muygppr02, May 31, 2008.

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    In 1996 I had PRK on both eyes. At the time, LASIK was not available
    in Canada, and lasers did not have eye-tracking systems. In my left
    eye, I ended up with a decentered ablation. In my right eye, I ended
    up with a small ablation zone. The result was that I had severe
    diplopia (double images) in the left eye and haloes and some ghosting
    in the right. I suffered severe eyestrain and headaches for several

    Over the years I had two additional surgeries in my left eye (one was
    wavefront, the other topographically-guided) and did get some
    improvement. I've also tried almost every type of soft and RGP contact
    available. A few years ago, I was fitted with WAVE RGPs, and wore them
    off and on for two years, but because my left cornea was so irregular,
    despite several attempts, I wasn't ever able to obtain a lens that
    fitted properly and was comfortable.

    Back in December, I was successfully fitted with semi-scleral lenses
    by Dr. Gemoules in Dallas. At the time, he had just started working
    with an optical coherence tomographer that allowed him to accurately
    measure the cornea and sclera and use that data to manufacture custom
    RGP lenses. For me, the comfort of the lenses has been excellent and
    I've enjoyed a huge improvement in the quality of my vision.

    I'm definitely not interested in having any more surgery, even if it's
    wavefront or topographically-guided!
    7muygppr02, May 31, 2008
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