RGP lenses: comfort and greasy smears on lens

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by dan, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. dan

    dan Guest

    Hi all,

    I am a new rigid gas permeable wearer. after many many fitting
    attempts, my doctor was able to find lenses which fit my eyes without
    causing "3 and 9o'clock irritation". I am now getting used to these
    lenses. The comfort is much better than when the problems before were
    occuring, but still I am constantly aware of the lens. Should this go
    away if the lenses fit correctly?

    The second question I have is the following. When I blink, the lenses
    move on my eyes as they should. However, as the lens slides into place
    a slightly greasy, foggy part of the lens moves over my pupil and
    affects my vision. I have tried cleaning the lens and this doens't get
    rid of the problem, but sometimes the problem goes away on it's own.
    My doctor thought this was just caused by dirt on the lens, through my
    handling them too much. What do other people think? Is his a common
    problem? How can it be best avoided?

    Also, does anyone have any experience of using Boston Simplus
    solutions? do they recommend them?

    Regards, and greetings to all the RGP wearers out there!

    dan, Apr 2, 2004
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  2. Hi Dan,

    I tried wearing RGP's (Menicon Z) last year, and gave up on them after
    10 days or so, for 2 reasons: (1) The comfort did not improve
    dramatically after that time (it did get somewhat better, just not
    good enough for me compared with soft lenses), and (2) I used to get a
    greasy/foggy film on them similar to what you are describing, except
    covering the entire lens. I can recall a couple of evenings where I
    could not see well enough to drive because the entire lens was clouded
    over, and I did clean these lenses properly every night. I think my
    tear chemistry is probably rather unusual though, so my experiences
    are probably not common (the ODs here can speak to that point better
    than me).

    I think certain RGP polymers, if not all of them, can be susceptible
    to lipid deposits, which is what I believe was my issue. Several soft
    lenses I've tried have been susceptible to the same deposits though.

    Lothar of the Hill People, Apr 3, 2004
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  3. dan

    LarryDoc Guest

    After you address the surface problems, below, you should expect better
    comfort. Many people reach the "I dont feel them at all" stage in a
    couple of weeks, but some people continue to have lens awareness.
    The lens is either dirty or the surface is not wetting properly, either
    due to improper cleaning or lens material defect.

    Step one is to use a daily cleaner on the lenses, making certain to rub
    the cleaner on both surfaces for 10-15 seconds (min) each side.
    (Multipurpose products, like Simplus or the previous incarnation,
    Simplicity don't count.) Store the lenses in the soaking solution for
    minimum 4 hours and try again. If the smearing persists, return the
    lenses so that your practitioner can use a stronger "laboratory" cleaner
    and try again. If the smearing persists, the lens is defective and
    should be replaced.


    Dr. Larry Bickford, O.D.
    Family Practice Eye Health & Vision Care

    The Eyecare Connection
    larrydoc at eye-care-contacts dot com (remove -)
    LarryDoc, Apr 5, 2004
  4. dan

    dan Guest

    Thanks for your advice. The comforrt of the lenses has improved
    greatly over the last week and I hardly feel them now. I still have
    the sensation of slight greasyness on one of the lenses though, so
    I'll ask my contact lens practitioner about this when I go and see

    Also thanks for the advice re: Simplus - it did sound too good to be

    dan, Apr 6, 2004
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