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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Lothar of the Hill People, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. I've decided to give up on my Menicon Z RGP lenses after 10 days of
    wear. Aside from the discomfort, which got better after several days
    but never subsided completely, they are accumulating oily deposits
    even worse than my soft lenses did. Last night, after about 12 hours
    of wear, they became so cloudy that I could not see well enough to
    drive, and when I removed them, I could see that there was a thick
    oily deposit on them (I thought is was a solid film from the look of
    it, but it smeared when I touched it with my fingertip).

    I switched to Acuvues this morning. They feel much better but
    unfortunately aren't as visually clear as the RGP when working on my

    I have 2 questions for the group:

    1) Is there another type of RGP lens that is less susceptible to
    accumulating such deposits? I am assuming that this is a type of
    lipid deposit (it looks very much like the photo I saw in a paper on
    lipid deposits on silicone hydrogel lenses), but I don't know for

    2) Do I need to follow the recommended graduated wearing schedule,
    working up to full daily wear over the course of 5 days? Or will my
    eyes already be sufficiently adapted to lenses after having previously
    worn soft lenses as recently as 11 days ago, followed by 11 days of
    RGP wear?

    Lothar of the Hill People, Sep 26, 2003
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