rimless glasses, bendy glasses, plastic v glass etc

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by niz, May 10, 2006.

  1. niz

    niz Guest

    i need some very basic info about the options when buying glasses.

    my prescription is:
    R sph -6 cyl -1 ax 180 pris 1 base DN
    L sph -5.75 cyl -1 ax 180 pris 1 base UP

    with this prescription, can i get rimless glasses? or is it too strong?
    if its too strong, would half-rimless work out?

    are there any restrictions on bendy-metal glasses (e.g memoflex) with
    regard to prescription? also how exactly does bendy-metal frames work?
    are they essentially unbreakable? are they heavier or lighter than
    non-bendy frames?

    i read that the latest plastic lenses are lighter and thinner than
    their glass counterparts, is it true? how badly do they scratch, will
    cleaning it with a cloth likely scratch it?

    transitions lenses (aka reactions) - in darkened mode, are they the
    equivalent of shades? how "slow" is the transition from light to
    darkened? in a dark room with a bright monitor will they "switch on and
    off" as i look at and away from the screen?

    finally roughly how thick (in mm roughly) would a lens fitting the
    above prescription be, for both plastic and glass?

    niz, May 10, 2006
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