Rimless glasses for strong myopia

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Tony Houghton, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Last time I was choosing glasses my optician said something about having
    to go for a full rim. Do rimless or semi-rimless glasses look a bit
    wrong with a strong prescription for myopia? Lenses too thick perhaps,
    or the minifcation looks weird without a rim? I'm specifically thinking
    of the first pair, RL-01, on this page:
    <http://www.spexmaniac.co.uk/product/product_6_rl.php> with 1.6 index
    lenses for a myopic prescription of about -7.
    Tony Houghton, Oct 4, 2006
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  2. In <>,
    I've emailed spexmaniac too and await their reply. I'll adjust the frame
    myself. I quite often have to do that anyway after my young nephew's
    been jumping on my face!

    Frankly the benefits of an optician I can actually visit haven't been
    good value to me, or even much use. The last time I bought glasses I
    wanted Transitions lenses. The thin ones were made of polycarbonate
    which I couldn't read very well with due to chromatic aberration. None
    of the staff at my optician's seemed to have ever heard of anyone
    suffering this, nor did another I consulted, but it seems quite a well
    known problem in this group. The only other choice in Transitions was
    1.5 index, then I had a new problem: the thick lenses meant the
    nose-pieces had to be bent further away from them, into the middle of
    the frame, so although it had been OK with the dummy lenses and even the
    thin prescription ones, it just didn't fit right any more. Even then
    the optician didn't bother measuring bridges on potential replacement
    frames, I just made sure I picked the one that felt most comfortable,
    and luckily it turned out to look good.
    Tony Houghton, Oct 6, 2006
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