SEAL - wait to be seen?

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Neil Brooks, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Neil Brooks

    Neil Brooks Guest


    I've been pushing my luck, by snow skiing, but ... too much fun!

    Last evening, though, after removal of my left Boston Scleral Lens, I
    felt the vaguely familiar awful pain of Superior Epithelial Arcuate

    I'd bet $100 that's exactly what it is.

    Can't be sure what caused it. I might have pushed my goggles into my
    lower lids, accidentally, or any number of things, but ... it feels

    My question: since my understanding of SEAL tend to indicate a
    mechanical issue, possibly concerning lens edge, what would seem to be
    the best course of action:

    a) try to get the lens back in, and -- if the insertion is normal and
    painless -- allow the (RGP, saline-filled) lens to protect the cornea,
    and speed healing. If symptoms don't resolve in X days, get to an eye

    b) leave the lenses out for a day, use lubricating drops throughout
    the day, and see how things are, tomorrow (hope not. I'm /really/
    limited without these lenses....)?

    c) go get checked out ASAP. SEAL MAY be minor, self-limiting, and
    fairly benign, but -- depending on severity -- it can lead to serious
    complications. Antibiotic drops may be appropriate?

    d) none of the above


    Thanks much,
    Neil Brooks, Jan 25, 2009
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