small corrections to distance vision CONT.

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Liz Day, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Liz Day

    Liz Day Guest

    Refraction exam yesterday. The examinor (she's an "ophthalmic
    technician") and I were able to get the astigmatism correction as close
    as possible during the exam, and then look at things out the window
    from the waiting room. Thanks to the thoughtful people from this
    group, I knew to ask for the "handheld lenses".

    The result for my dud left eye is +1.50 spherical, +0.50 cylindrical,
    165 axis. The difference between 165 and 170 was arguable. However,
    the view through that eye, through the lenses, is still slightly but
    unquestionably blurry.

    (Clearly, this is not a major medical problem. However, if there is a
    way to have things in focus, it would be really nice.)

    I think we got as far as possible with the tools available, and that
    perhaps the diopter correction is really slightly more or less than
    +0.50, but that there were no test lenses available in that amount to
    find out with.

    However, the doc suggested that perhaps instead the problem is that my
    left eye is not dominant.

    This makes no sense, does it? You're supposed to use your left eye to
    focus binoculars; both eyes are supposed to be in focus. My left eye
    has been non-dominant all my life, but it was never blurry, until my
    vision in general went downhill (presbyopia).

    Could non-dominance cause blurry vision?

    Indianapolis, central USA
    home of many pairs of magnifying glasses, all of them slightly off
    Liz Day, Oct 5, 2006
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